Wounded seagull. The latest situation in kittens.

Beautiful seagull. We’il save you. Do not worry. We’il save you. My love. Hold the seagull, please. Let’s put the seagull in our multi-purpose banana box. Seagull’s feet, there’s trouble. That’s why he can’t fly. Hi friends. We just found this seagull. He’s got a foot injury. The cats were about to smash this seagull. We saved the gull from the cats. Five cats, they were gonna kill this seagull. We couldn’t find an open place at this hour. The clinic will open at 9:00 in the morning. If we leave this gull here, they’il kill this gull. This is not the city we live in. We found the gull when we drove through this road. We saw cats playing with something. We wondered and stopped the car. We saw that they were playing with this seagull. Savagely. We’re not leaving this seagull to die. We’il take him home. We’il get him treated in the morning. Are you female or male? I don’t understand birds. Do you understand my love My love, I congratulate you. You can hold the gull without fear. Your wings and feet will be treated. You’il go back to your freedom. Close the box Let’s go to the car You’re so nervous. You’il be so happy to get in this car. Because this car will take you to treatment. Did the seagull bite you? Yeah. He bit it, but it’s okay. Because the gull is very nervous. There are holes in the box. So you can breathe. It’s a long way. Please don’t get out of the box and give us an accident. How are you my love? Now you will be treated and you will be very good Had very little I brought the gull to have it treated. This is the first time I’ve met a wounded seagull. I didn’t know exactly what to do. I took him to three different vets. The vets were interested in the seagull but could not solve the problem. They treated the gull superficially. I’ve been gone for hours. I’m looking for a place to treat birds. The birds are being treated here. Ministry of Forestry. Directorate of national parks and nature conservation. This unit will receive the seagull. I hope he can fly again. Would you look at that beauty Now it’s time to leave I tried so hard to find this place. But we finally found it. Just be good. I do everything. You’il be treated here and you’il go back to the jungle. Do not forget me, please. FOREST MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE My love How are you today? Thank you all of you. Last night you shared your house with a gull. So I thank you. You are very kind. You’re curious about the gull, aren’t you? Seagull being treated Seagull’s feet and wings are being treated. Let’s tell friends what we’re doing for this. Let’s tell friends where we take the seagull. When they see a wounded bird, let them know where to go. If they know where to go, they can go without delay. Pirate. I’m telling friends something important. Please go to your place. You should take your sister as an example. She’s a very good cat Pirate. If you’re doing this with one eye, you’d run away if you had two. Naughty. You made me forget what I had to say. When we find a wounded bird, we should not go to the vet or the municipality. It could be an emergency. We shouldn’t waste time. General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks We’re going to the representative office in our city. If you give it an address, they come and take it from you. They’re taking the bird from you. They’re taking the bird to rehab. There they treat the bird and release it back to nature. In this way, we prevent the animal from dying. You’re just passing out. I can’t talk to Jennefer about this. Jennefer wanted to kill, not save the gull. If I tell Jennefer I saved the Seagull, she’il be mad at me. Jennefer’s not human like you. 3 Musketeers Your eyes are so beautiful. I wish I had such beautiful eyes. Cat sleeping with milk. You look sweet. I read in the comments. They want to adopt you. You are mine. I don’t give you to anyone You’il stay with me until you die. I’m gonna make you neuter after you raise kittens. I’m gonna neuter you because I want to be your only love. Just love me I wish you a good night Which one of you made that sound? cokcokcokcok

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