Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Cats & Dogs

[WILD ANIMAL NOISES] All right, folks. Today we’re going to answer a
very, very important question. A question that I get
more often than I probably should at this point,
which is, Jackson, should I spay or neuter
my animal companion? Should you? Man, we are about to
get catified up in here. Let’s go. [JAZZY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Let’s break it down
to the questions that I get asked most often. It’s not just, should
I spay or neuter? The question usually revolves
around marking behavior, cats who are just bound and
determined to get outside. And when they do,
bad things happen. You can’t stop a sexually
mature cat from wanting to roam. For the males, they have
a hormonal prime directive which is to populate
their territory. And for the females, they’ll be
rolling around on the pavement. They’ll be leaving
scent everywhere. How do I get my cat to stopping
peeing all over the house? Most the time, I’ll tell them to
take that blacklight of yours, go outside the house,
and I bet you’ll find evidence of neighborhood
cats, feral cats that are also marking against your house. So it’s a pretty normal
reaction on your cat’s part to say, hey, hey. I draw the battle
lines right here. This is my place, and
I’ll pee on this wall while you’re peeing
on the opposite side. The problem is you’ve got a
hormonal war on your hands. And the only way to deal with
that is spaying or neutering. I can’t fix the behavior
unless we fix the animal. That’s the bottom line. A lot of folks say
to me, well, I’ve heard that if I spay my
cat or if I neuter my cat, they tend to get really fat. No, no. That’s not a cause and effect. What tends to happen is that
they spend all this time that they were outside
roaming inside the house. You don’t occupy their
time by playing with them, and instead they are
now eating way too much and not doing anything. And that’s why they get fat. So as long as you
pick up the slack in terms of giving
them activities, then you won’t have a fat
cat post surgery. You asking me, how do I
get my cats to get along? If one of them is not spayed
or neutered, if all of them are not spayed or
neutered, I can’t help you. The other thing that
folks don’t realize is that a sexually mature animal
has infinitely greater chances of cancer, namely testicular
cancer, ovarian cancer. It’s going to happen
more likely than not. I mean, a lot of my clients
will say, ugh, it’s so invasive. And then there’s also, I
wanted my cat or my dog to have one litter before
I spayed or neutered them. Or, I wanted my children to
see the miracle of birth. You’re not thinking about
these very basic statistics. These are statistics. I didn’t make this up, OK? We have 700,000
animals, cats and dogs, born on a daily basis
in this country. 6 to 8 million
animals are booked into shelters every year. Now, we are doing a lot better
than we were just 20 years ago, but that means that we’re
still killing 3 to 4 million of those animals every
year because there’s not enough homes for them. That amounts to one
animal every 11 seconds that’s dying in a shelter. Yeah, that’s where
we’re at right now. We have a job as people
who love animals, and that is to
stop killing them. I know you love
animals, otherwise you wouldn’t be
watching me right now. So I am begging you, for the
sake of your animal’s health, for the sake of the health of
the entire population of cats and dogs, for the people
who have the unfortunate job of having to care for these
animals in the shelter system, please, please, please get
your cat spayed or neutered. Now, if you tell me
you can’t afford it, there are programs all
over this country, all over the world as
a matter of fact, that will help you to afford it. Community based
programs where you don’t have to pay
practically anything. I mean, you should
pay something. I mean, if you have an
animal in your life, this is minimum care. Now that’s it for
me today, but I know you guys are going to
have lots to say about this. I want to hear about it on
social media like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. You know I’m always looking
at that, responding there. And there is the Google
Hangout, Live from the Cat Cave, coming up very soon. That is September 30, Tuesday. I want to hear what you have to
say about spaying and neutering and adoptions and what
we can do to bring down the numbers of euthanized
animals in this world. All right folks,
that’s it for me. Until next time, (SINGING) all
light, all love, (DEEP VOICE) all mojo to you. [LAUGHS] See this beautiful little
shirt I’m wearing right here? Remember Me Thursday. Remember Me Thursday
is coming up on Thursday– of
course– September 25th. It’s your chance to
do some very simple, and that simple thing
is light a candle. We’re trying to light up
the world for orphaned pets. That is to say that we want to
remember all the millions that have died, and we
want to acknowledge that there are
millions more out there who can find forever homes if
we do our due diligence, if we spay or neuter. So it’s very simple. Go to remembermethursday.com. Also you can follow
it on social media by using the hashtag
#lightforpets. I want to see you do your
part on this one, OK? [ANIMAL NOISES]

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