Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Cats & Dogs

Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Cats & Dogs

[WILD ANIMAL NOISES] All right, folks. Today we’re going to answer a
very, very important question. A question that I get
more often than I probably should at this point,
which is, Jackson, should I spay or neuter
my animal companion? Should you? Man, we are about to
get catified up in here. Let’s go. [JAZZY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Let’s break it down
to the questions that I get asked most often. It’s not just, should
I spay or neuter? The question usually revolves
around marking behavior, cats who are just bound and
determined to get outside. And when they do,
bad things happen. You can’t stop a sexually
mature cat from wanting to roam. For the males, they have
a hormonal prime directive which is to populate
their territory. And for the females, they’ll be
rolling around on the pavement. They’ll be leaving
scent everywhere. How do I get my cat to stopping
peeing all over the house? Most the time, I’ll tell them to
take that blacklight of yours, go outside the house,
and I bet you’ll find evidence of neighborhood
cats, feral cats that are also marking against your house. So it’s a pretty normal
reaction on your cat’s part to say, hey, hey. I draw the battle
lines right here. This is my place, and
I’ll pee on this wall while you’re peeing
on the opposite side. The problem is you’ve got a
hormonal war on your hands. And the only way to deal with
that is spaying or neutering. I can’t fix the behavior
unless we fix the animal. That’s the bottom line. A lot of folks say
to me, well, I’ve heard that if I spay my
cat or if I neuter my cat, they tend to get really fat. No, no. That’s not a cause and effect. What tends to happen is that
they spend all this time that they were outside
roaming inside the house. You don’t occupy their
time by playing with them, and instead they are
now eating way too much and not doing anything. And that’s why they get fat. So as long as you
pick up the slack in terms of giving
them activities, then you won’t have a fat
cat post surgery. You asking me, how do I
get my cats to get along? If one of them is not spayed
or neutered, if all of them are not spayed or
neutered, I can’t help you. The other thing that
folks don’t realize is that a sexually mature animal
has infinitely greater chances of cancer, namely testicular
cancer, ovarian cancer. It’s going to happen
more likely than not. I mean, a lot of my clients
will say, ugh, it’s so invasive. And then there’s also, I
wanted my cat or my dog to have one litter before
I spayed or neutered them. Or, I wanted my children to
see the miracle of birth. You’re not thinking about
these very basic statistics. These are statistics. I didn’t make this up, OK? We have 700,000
animals, cats and dogs, born on a daily basis
in this country. 6 to 8 million
animals are booked into shelters every year. Now, we are doing a lot better
than we were just 20 years ago, but that means that we’re
still killing 3 to 4 million of those animals every
year because there’s not enough homes for them. That amounts to one
animal every 11 seconds that’s dying in a shelter. Yeah, that’s where
we’re at right now. We have a job as people
who love animals, and that is to
stop killing them. I know you love
animals, otherwise you wouldn’t be
watching me right now. So I am begging you, for the
sake of your animal’s health, for the sake of the health of
the entire population of cats and dogs, for the people
who have the unfortunate job of having to care for these
animals in the shelter system, please, please, please get
your cat spayed or neutered. Now, if you tell me
you can’t afford it, there are programs all
over this country, all over the world as
a matter of fact, that will help you to afford it. Community based
programs where you don’t have to pay
practically anything. I mean, you should
pay something. I mean, if you have an
animal in your life, this is minimum care. Now that’s it for
me today, but I know you guys are going to
have lots to say about this. I want to hear about it on
social media like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. You know I’m always looking
at that, responding there. And there is the Google
Hangout, Live from the Cat Cave, coming up very soon. That is September 30, Tuesday. I want to hear what you have to
say about spaying and neutering and adoptions and what
we can do to bring down the numbers of euthanized
animals in this world. All right folks,
that’s it for me. Until next time, (SINGING) all
light, all love, (DEEP VOICE) all mojo to you. [LAUGHS] See this beautiful little
shirt I’m wearing right here? Remember Me Thursday. Remember Me Thursday
is coming up on Thursday– of
course– September 25th. It’s your chance to
do some very simple, and that simple thing
is light a candle. We’re trying to light up
the world for orphaned pets. That is to say that we want to
remember all the millions that have died, and we
want to acknowledge that there are
millions more out there who can find forever homes if
we do our due diligence, if we spay or neuter. So it’s very simple. Go to remembermethursday.com. Also you can follow
it on social media by using the hashtag
#lightforpets. I want to see you do your
part on this one, OK? [ANIMAL NOISES]

100 thoughts on “Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Cats & Dogs

  1. I wonder why anyone would give a thumbs down 👎 on this video…stupid to do that! It's VERY true what he's talking about! I take care of feral colonies, I spay/neuter every cat I'm able to trap, then bring them back and release them! I provide food year round, and warm housing for the winter…it's necessary to help them, they need our help! If everyone would be willing to help trap and fix every cat that comes around their place, the cat population would practically be nothing, but that's better than dying from disease, getting killed by cars, or suffering the extreme outdoors weather… Poor animals!!!
    Look for people in your area that help to pay, or pay the complete spay/neuter fee, we have Sun City Cats, they help out and pay the complete fee to get feral cats fixed! It's for the cats own good!!!

  2. I just dont like when people spay and neuter outdoor wild cats..they have their own life just let them live it

  3. My found(released in a parking lot at 8a.m.!) cat Ten Bears was approximately a year or so old and I discovered not spayed…eventually she was in heat alot! Pyometra almost killed her!!! Do it! It is cruel you are potentially not hearing you babies cries! She was infected when the spay happened. It would eventually have killed her.She is now a 😂 happy four year old ….I would never own ever again if something happened to her…devastated! I wanted a cat upon moving into this apartment complex and was whining to my boyfriend and I had a dream one evening of a cat running up me up my legs claws and all and standing on me while I held her steady..two days later…a man very mean one reveals a cat opening a zippered bag in a cart he lifted on a fence and threw her by one arm out onto the rocks by the waters edge…I had to save her..I did! She is the best cat ..also she had never been outside before! I witnessed all this unfold looking out my apartment window! Now I am loving TenBears! Named after the shaman in dances with wolves…our watchcat!

  4. If you want your pet to have a litter make sure you can get the kittens/puppies adopted out when they're old enough.

  5. Just linked your video in my last one, very important subject! Keep up the good work Jackson, you are awesome! A fellow cat lover and rescuer;

  6. Hello! My cat is 5 years old and he has not been neutered and I'm worried if this is dangerous, He's an inside cat so he doesnt really go out. He's our only cat and hasn't mated with any females. Should I neuter him? I don't want him getting cancer.

  7. thank you!
    I still feel bad because I think I wounded him, also I know think there is not going to be more kittens on the streets :):

  8. I watched you from mycatfromhell
    I have a question how to do when my cat is bite me?
    And how to stop it?
    And make my cat to lick me instead to bite me?

  9. Thanks I was wondering about the weight thing.

    Luckily I still planned to "fix" my new kitten, and make sure he has toys and I play with him for 30 minutes a day if not more.

    We will also be getting him chipped, and give him a license and light collar.

    I plan to also teach him to walk on a harness so that I can take him on visits to the outdoors to explore and go to the bathroom.

  10. The two cats I have were already several months old (one was 7 months, the other 4 months,) and were already spayed when I adopted them, but if they hadn't been, I would've taken them to get it done.

  11. Hey Jackson. My cat is 10 years old, he's extremely docile, he's not neutered cuz my parents think it's cruel. Since he doesn't spray, he has no behaviour issues, and he's impotent i think. Cuz i had a female intact cat for 15 years before she passed and they lived happily together with no litter. Now he's alone he has no interest in running away hes a healthy happy cat. But I want him to live long hes my other half! Should I subject him to such a surgery at his age when we have absolutely no issues with him?

  12. We have a house/outdoor cat. He's male and we let him go outside cause he get crazy when we don't let him. He starts meowing really loud and we have no other choice. I hope he'll calm down, although some people told me not to do it. But I'm actually going to help him. There were time when he would come back home with scars over his head and I can't bare to watch him do that. All I can say is Leo you'll going to visit a vet soon. Hehehe

  13. I just got a cat and she has 2 kittens she's nursing. I want to get it done but I don't know how long to wait. So I'm just keeping her inside so she doesn't mate. Once her kittens are fully off nursing I'm getting her neutered. That is the only excuse I have.

  14. I got my cat done as soon as he was old enough because I did not want him spraying and thought it may calm him down..it did not make a difference. He was still the devil in cat form😂

  15. Dear Jackson or others reading. What do you think of early neutering a male kitten? By early, I mean 2-6 months of age. My Siamese, Poo, was neutered at 6 months & has done great all these years. My S/O has a male kitten of 2 months, and, to hopefully foster a good relationship between our boys, we know neutering is critical. But how soon SHOULD we do this? Thank you!

  16. Idiots spay and neuter your cats will ultimately take 10 or more years off your cats please just be a good pet owner and you won't have to deal with this bullshit!!! I have my grandma has had 5 cats living up to their late 40s then passing none were fixed every fixed pet I know dies early and turns out they have a lack of hormones which turns into a disease most times please ppl think and really look into the actual factors… of you are a careful pet owner u shouldn't fix your pet please do research this .. also I have a Male cat never has been fixed..he's trained and has only sprayed 6 times ever which was when he was going through his hormonal changes from a kitten to a cat… providing the attention love and care will give your pet no reason to spray … !!!

  17. is it still necessary if we never let her out of the house?? (Ive been researching a lot and just trying to figure out what to do)

  18. Another problem with not spaying or neutering cats is that females can get pregnant as young as 4 months old. They're still kittens!

  19. No one should spay or nuter cats. It's animal abuse and it's mutilation. and if you need the cat to be infertile you can give it a vasectomy or tubes tied like humans have without mutilating and removing their entire genitals. sick people.

  20. buena argumentación… diciendo folks e insultando. sigue así jackson. Los argumentos son válidos, pero esas palabras sobran, solo crean un aire de superioridad en tus argumentos y no debería ser así.

  21. In the town where I live our Humane Society throws bi-annual events (1 week every winter and 1 week every summer) where you can get your cats or dogs spayed or neutered for free. They do have a limit of 1 animal per person or 3 per household for free and then if you have more you have to pay half price, but still…if you have 3 people in your house and you can't afford a half-priced surgery (which is less expensive then getting it done at the vets in the first place. We didn't get our cat neutered at the event, but we did get it done at the Humane Society cause it was $150 compared to the $300 our vet charged.) Should you really have 4 cats?

  22. I hate it when people dont spay or neuter their dogs/cat the excuse? oh i want to breed them since i payed this amount of money, or they will look ugly

  23. Hi there Mr Jackson Galexy first sorry for the last comment my hand slipped and hit the wrong button but now to the message at hand. There is a Dr Karen Becker on the internet who has problem with fixing your animal if you could respond to her videos and give us your response to this issue. I had two cats for 20 years and they were fix at 18 months. They lived long and healthy lives until they passed away. I would like to have your point of view. I love your shows and you have great insight on our furry friends. God bless you and all that you do.

  24. I'm working on getting my male outside cat fixed soon hes about 8 to 9 months old and I've noticed he's been fighting other males and I don't want him to get hurt. I will probably use my money I get for christmas to do that becuase I really don't want more feral cats roaming around my town

  25. Hi first I wanna say I love your vids. Second I'd like to share the name of a low cost spay/neuter program in the eastern Massachusetts area in case more of your viewers are from around this area and are in need. The name is Second chance animal Shelter/ veterinary care. They are a no kill non profit shelter that offers veterinary care and spay/ neutering service . They also offer subsidized rate for lower income homes. Secondchanceanimals.org

    Hope this helps someone . Keep up the great work with your vids

  26. there is no organ in any creature has no signifcant
    recent researches discover that a lot of diseases and tumers occurs to cats that had been spayed
    plz don t spay ur animal
    and make further search 4 this topic to know this fact

  27. My main concern is the stress I feel and it's insane. I know I plan to get my baby desexed soon, but I still feel this stress and sadness in the pain and side effects. It's crazy because I don't get too nervous about surgery that happens to me

  28. Yes an outside or feral cat most definitely should be fixed! Inside cats maybe but probably should becuase of spraying and marking like crazy!

  29. I don't want puppies or kittens. How do you know they got a good home. How do you get homes for them all. So my babies can not multiply. Also vet ask do you want her declared. NO I don't believe in it.

  30. Society is not a morally justified reason to take a living things purpose in life. We didn't start neutering cats and dogs until 1969. Overpopulation only happened because in 1930 the pet industry became a thing. The second we started making money of pets is the very moment over population started becoming a thing. Obviously pet stores pushed pets out the doors to make a profit. Obviously companies make money off of neutering and feed you the health risk and society reason and claim it's moral to neuter your animal. Only a highly educated or highly ignorant person could be convinced it's moral to take the meaning of life from another living thing.

    I can afford to neuter my pet, so trying to use financial guilt isn't going to work. I'm also not an idiot and I understand cats and dogs survived long enough in nature without human intervention to know that the "health risks" reason is totally bullshit. No matter what species of life, all living things share ONE common goal. Reproduction. Reproduction is the only way a living thing can conquer death. You don't reproduce, you're blood line/species doesn't survive. And all things that live, die. Morally, there is no justification for taking a living things purpose from it. The only reasons you can come up with are morally bankrupt reasons that you're convinced are moral. Society is the enemy of all living things. It destroys nature and enslaves people. It's also the REAL reason we have an over population problem, not because of the cats or dogs, but because most people who have bought pets from 1930 until present day are irresponsible. End of story.

  31. I hate cat breeders. People who breed specific cats because they're "beautiful" and their friends want a specific looking cat. EVERY cat is beautiful, stop breeding and selling kittens!!

  32. I adopted my cat Luna from the Humane Society. She came from the streets and they spayed her, gave her all of her shots and even microchipped her. I will ALWAYS recommend people adopt from shelters instead of breeders. There are way too many kittens and cats on the streets without homes and they need you!!!

  33. But…As a biology student,I still don’t understand how the endocrine system can function properly without ovaries and uterus…
    especially when these procedures are often done when they are still young. Why wouldn't there be hormone imbalance(bad for kitten growth)?

  34. My sister wanted her cat to have the experience of motherhood, and she was too lazy to fix her. When the kittens finally popped out, she never bothered to socialize with them so now their terrified of humans. She sold a whole litter of cats who are gonna be people shy into a world with tons of sweet lonely cats in shelters

  35. I love Jackson but this is so stupid, I will never neuter my cat, just let them be, it's kind of cruel too because human children are born everyday and the world is already overpopulated and alot of children end up in orphanages, but you're not gonna go around neutering people or aborting the kids, because its their choice if they want to, but animals don't have a choice so neutering/spaying is actually (in the words of a mom) DISGUSTANG

  36. Thank you for making this video!!! Whenever I see someone post pictures of puppies or kittens on Facebook I almost have a heart attack. I always ask "Are you going to spay the mother now? Every year in the U.S. 4-6 million healthy cats and dogs get euthanized due to overpopulation." I'm sure I'm not making any friends but I don't care

  37. Spaying and neutering should be a law, not optional. This country makes stupid laws everyday, which must be adhered to. Only certified breeders should be allowed to breed animals with government consent.

  38. What a crock of shit. Go cut your balls off. You make it sound like an essential health issue, and then you make it sound like an over-population issue. I guess people should get sterilized too, right? Cuz….it’s essential for our health. Unbelievable.

  39. I am wondering if i waited too long to neuter my cat. He's 1 year and 2 months old and has started spraying everywhere. Does anyone know if it will help to neuter him now or did i wait too long?

  40. my cat got spayed yesterday and i'm crying all night …she seems in pain and she doesn't want anyone to touch her or go near her…am so scared

  41. No programs in this part of the state to help spay and neutering animals. I did give my cat a chance to have kittens because she's great mother she had one kitten and she was awesome mother we kept that kitten so I have a kitten a mother and a dad. I will never in my entire life through a animal to curb. I don't put animals in my home and let loose. I take in Strays many times and I think I have a great home for them I'm very clean
    home for them to. All my animals have been spayed and neuter but I feel sorry for my little girl cat who is kitten is pretty grown now she runs around with a toy meowing because she wants a kitten so I'm looking for her a long-haired black kitten that looks quite a bit like her as small as I can get that takes the Stray off the street gives it a home and guess my mother kitten a baby kitten to love. I know for a fact you would be good with this kitten guess she's taking in a lot of other kittens that we put in the house that she's mother them. She deserves to have a baby kitten to love again so I am looking for a kitten long black hair solid black that looks a lot like her. I guess another reason why I like black kittens I guess the most is because most people had that stupid story about their bad luck and kittens are not bad like no matter what color they are and I love my animals I have 10 cats in my home and they are the funnest to watch I dedicated a room for them to run and play about 24 footlong they have towers and I leave boxes in there and papers for them the bounce on and toys scattered everywhere they have a litter boxes that is separate from from the other rooms like a little bathroom only it's got litter boxes scattered in them instead of toilets it keeps my house from being stinky and it keeps litter off the floor a my cats love it that way cats are the best I fell the other day and all my cats come running to my rescue so whoever would ever say that cats have no feelings wrong they do

  42. You think wiredly what is a person without its balls or sexuality.if they die they die as a bominate male dont make them live a worse life

  43. It would help if people would stop humanizing animals. Animals don't think like humans do. There are a lot of animals that shouldn't be able to reproduce. Being intact is not required for a a indivual animal to live. If my horse wasn't gelded, then he probably had killed someone because of how aggressive he was as a stallion. Intact animals don't as happy of lives as those who are fixed. It is not that deep of a subject

  44. Just got my little girl spayed. I feel so guilty because she is in pain. I know it is right to do…but gonna take a few days for my guilt to subside!

  45. Some girl at my school let her cats get pregnant and now has 13 unwanted kittens. She then declared any kittens not claimed will be taken to be euthanized. Please get your animals fixed, it's not fair to them. Accidents happen.

  46. I have a young male cat he’s around 9 months old he has never sprayed and he is neutered. And so I was wondering on bringing home a new kitten because I was scared if my cat was getting lonely 😔

    So my question is
    If I get a new kitten
    Do you think my male cat will start spraying? To mark his territory? BECAUSE I DO NOT want my cat to spray inside the house.
    Please answer
    Thanks ♥️

  47. I live in Sweden and I spend most of the holidays and vacation in Norway because my in-laws are Norwegian. And to just be able to take my cat Pelle with me, I have to neuter, ID-chip mark him and follow up on vaccination and get an animal Passport for EU and EES.

  48. lol neutering or spraying forcefully animals is a terrible thing, are u all sick in ur mindz????

  49. I agree Jackson. But there are enough homes, just not enough people who care about animals to open their homes. Much love husband and I are disabled but love animals. We have 1 small dog and a goofball cat. Lol

  50. I have two rescue (Neutered) males, that are pretty much perfect angels. And then, there's my female. Who is not spayed. She is a holy terror. She has medical issues. She has since she was born. I fostered her mother while her mother was pregnant, and cared for her and her 7 kittens while they were still very young. Scrappy (My female), was the runt. From the time she could see and move she would attack her siblings constantly. Playing very roughly with them. TOO roughly with them. Then her mother stopped feeding her and shunned her and I didn't understand why. She looked like a normal kitten too me, other then being small because she was the runt. I ended up having to bottle feed her for 2 weeks. At the kittens first vet appointment, the vet picked up Scraps and said "This one needs to be euthanized." I was shocked and asked why, as I was partial to her, Having bottle fed her for 2 weeks by that point. And he said she had excess fluid on her brain. And that "No one would want a cat that is going to cost them a fourtune in vet bills and not have many years to live." I immediately took her out of his hands, and got another vet. However, because of her health issues, she is very very small (She's 3 1/2 now and weighs 4 lbs) And even though I've taken her to multiple vets asking to have her spayed, they all refuse because of her issues. I'm at a loss. She's become aggressive, urinates everywhere, and is possessive of me and my bedroom. I KNOW it's from being intact. But there's nothing any of the local vets are willing to do. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to maybe help with the aggressiveness? I understand being intact isn't the proper thing. I just can't preform the surgery myself and no vet I've seen will do the surgery because they all think she won't make it thru the anesthesia. She's my baby girl and I'll never get rid of her. I just am at a total loss. 😕

  51. I hold, all vets responsible, for not getting, this information out there, soon in enough, I lost my my cat to pymertra

  52. I have too cats and I kinda wanted my cat to have kittens but my cat is spayed and my animal shelter spays and neutered when u get them

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