When You’re Actually A Cat Person

When You’re Actually A Cat Person

– [Voiceover] Hey, are you a
cat person or a dog person? – [Voiceover] Dog person. – [Voiceover] Great. Hey Ella, are you a cat
person or a dog person? – Dog person. – That’s funny, you have cat eyes. – What? (lazy guitar music) – We got a cat! His name is Calder. – Calder. (lazy guitar music) – Ugh, there’s cat hair everywhere. How is it in my cup? What a weirdo. Hey! (shoos away) Stop. (lazy guitar music) (sighs) Come here, come here. Awww. You’re actually kinda cute, you know that? (meowing) Jump, jump. Really not that bad. Oh no. Okay, well a little bit violent. That’s really cute. I think you’re a natural. (meowing) Fine, come on. Look at all of these selfies I took with my cat yesterday. Awww, look at that little face. – Thought you were a dog person? – Am I? (bouncy guitar music)

100 thoughts on “When You’re Actually A Cat Person

  1. My cat is a girl she got pregnant like 4 times now, she give birth at home. After that she'll go out again and get pregnant and leave her kids alone at home😒

  2. Whenever I go t ok the bathroom, my cat likes to sit behind the toilet right behind my head. She's so weird just like me!! But that's what I love about her. Someone to eat my Taco Bell with and cuddle with.

  3. I don’t like cats that much besides the cuteness cause if i go near them i cant breathe well same things as bunnies

  4. To me dogs are loud, tiring and abnoxious. I just prefer cats because when they sit in your lap they're pretty light, and meowing is less annoying.

  5. I hate being allergic I want to be a every animal person but I’m allergic to cats, rabbits, even my own Guinea Pigs 🙁

  6. i love all animals too much
    Every year i save animals no matter what animal.
    They all deserve equallly/ the same love as anyone or anything

  7. I’m a cat person, I love cats so much, I have a cat, he is my best friend, I also have a gecko, my other best friend, CATS!!!!!

  8. I know three cats that our part of my family that have died and 1 dog that has died even though cats live longer than dogs.

  9. Let's See I Sleep During The Day I Prowl At Night Yep Im A Cat Person 🐱😼🐯🦁🐾🐾🐾🐾🌙🌴

  10. I love cats and dogs rn I dont have any cats because my dog doesn't get along wih cats but I do have a dog hes a chihuahua so hes kinda fiesty so I cant keep him around cats

  11. What I love about cats is that they teach you more about love than dogs. Dogs just adore you and you have to reinforce a power dynamic all the time.
    For a cats love you have to work, be patient and respectful.

  12. I’m a cat person and I hate dogs. Don’t call me a monster because I don’t have to like dogs. I just hate them and don’t understand why literally EVERYONE likes dogs over cats.

  13. My cat doesn't really like my two cats and well um yesterday we bought them some stuff that was expensive amd my dad paid for it. It hurt him alot🤣🤣

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