What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

– [Woman] OK, I won’t
be gone long, be good. – Huh, she finally left. I guess she got the hint. The food pourer is gone for good. I guess this place is all mine now. I can’t believe we never used this big scratching post. Now it has a nice lived in feel. Oh, so that’s what these are for. Hmmm, no. No. Nah. Oh, definitely not. Hmmm, yes, this will be the bathroom. Listen you, I know we’ve
had our differences, but the food pourer has been let go, and frankly I never understood
why we kept you around. Your services are no longer needed here. Please pack up your things
and be out by morning. Oh, and here’s your severance package. (coughs up hairball) (“Time Goes By”) Ah, that’s better. – [Woman] Oops, forgot my keys. What happened in here? – Oh, (bleep). (“Cheesy Elevator Music”)

100 thoughts on “What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

  1. Me: Dogs are assholes!
    Dog Lovers: You meanie! They're gift from above.

    Anti-Cats: Cats are assholes!
    Me: Yes, they are.

    But I still prefer them over dogs because I love them.

  2. Well… not true at all, my cat used to cry when I leave home and did never ever scratched a single thing. So, nope, not accurate.

  3. Idk why it has to say "the food pourer"
    like cats aren't loyal only care about food.
    And the way They don't seem to miss their friend
    other than that a great video
    but cats not being loyal is a lie

  4. What my cat does, "I'm gonna wait until my human comes home, I can't eat until she comes home…."
    "Hello kitty i'm home!! Why didn't you eat?????"
    "I want human to watch me eat food."

  5. I already know what my cat does when I leave home. It's the same thing he does when I leave the room. He freaks the heck out!

  6. Lol at the end when he was looking at the picture and I was like he's gonna hit it and drop it XD and so he did

  7. not my cat. he always makes the most saddest face when I leave, and make me feel guilty even if its just going to the grocery store for 5 minutes.

  8. Question for apartment cat owners (specially for owners of 1 cat only). do you guys leave your cat alone daily? my boyfriend and I really want to adopt a cat, but he works and I go to university not everyday but most days during the week (from 8-15h) more or less. Initially I wanted a dog, but I know they can't be alone for too long, I thought with cats it might be easier but then I saw videos where they do miss their owners a LOT 🙁 and made me think twice now…The cat would be older than 5 years and used to confined spaces. What do you think, is it too bad to leave them on their own or will it get used to it?


    My cat: "Oh I see you took the time to clean up the house and decorate it with plants. Interesting…."


    Plants are knocked over and vases are broken; blankets untidy and laundry is spread out randomly on the floor.

    My cat: "Dude, your s**t was in my…..

  10. what my cat did today

    Wake up after sleep
    Wakes me up
    She does nothing when i need to go school
    i come back and my cat stays in place
    cat sleeps
    I wake cat up
    Feeds cat
    cat eats
    runs for catching a fluff
    Licks her fur
    cat sleep
    cat wake up
    Bring cat to my room
    cat sleeps

    thats how my day goes with a cat
    pretty awesome

  11. My cat is always upset when i leave him. I have to leave for school, plus stay at my grandmas for 4 hours. Plus 8 hours of school. Sometimes he cries when i go to bed and have to shut the door. We wont even let me go to the bathroom by myself. Love him <3

  12. I feed 3 formerly feral 5 month old cats that are now super friendly, and since I can’t take them in, they wait in my backyard at the door. when I come out, they follow me everywhere and are always asking to be petted. there’s one in particular that haas a strong bond with me and literally follows me EVERYWHERE. he’ll sit on the bench with me and sleep on my lap. the other cats don’t do this. it always makes me sad when I have to leave to go inside the house because they’ll follow me to the door and wait again. when I come back, they’ve fallen asleep waiting. I do have a small cat house out there, and it’s their shelter.

  13. Whenever I come home, my cat wants me to feed him, play with him and cuddle him and when I open the door with all of my stuff in my hands form school, he’s waiting for me right there. Sometimes he runs around my house like a crazy person 😂😂 but I love him ❤️ 🐱

  14. Everytime I get home my cat stand sby the door and then just rubs his cheecks around my dad's shoes and then stretches. I'm serious

  15. When cats are at home by them self they actually are really stressed this guy who is famous for his cats did a video on what they do and well.. Like I said super stressed

  16. Cats if you train them right won't pee or poop anywhere but the litter box. You can actually train a cat to use a scratching post instead of furniture. Learn how to raise a cat or how to properly care for one before blaming it for its misunderstandings. If you keep your house clean to and make sure all the doors are open in the house your cat will have a lower chance of having and accident.

  17. This is what My cat does:

    .Stay up all night
    .If he ran out of food he attacks us
    .Sleep more
    .Eat more
    .Bug us for more food
    .Once in a while he throws up his own food
    .And it continues.

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