What Made This Angel Kitten’s Mom Become A Bad Mother? (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

What Made This Angel Kitten’s Mom Become A Bad Mother? (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

My kittens and someone else’s kittens All my babies

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  1. On a related note: Why do people still think "Mother Teresa" was a decent person? She was not! The world is a better place since that scrawny old hag died!

  2. Ela sentiu saudades de seus filhotes, quer dizer que ela não era assim tão ausente e que não amava seus filhos 🙄🙄 0 povo se enganou em criticar a ausência da mother. Obrigado pela legenda dessincronizada 🤔🤔🤔🤔, tá bom mais poderia ter sido melhor.

  3. It's not unusual whatsoever for queens (mother cats) to co-parent their litters. That way, one can rest or hunt while the other is nursing/protecting the babies. I surely hope the owner plans to get ALL of these cats spayed/neutered or he is going to have a huge problem.

  4. I had one cat i was feeding that was a TERRIBLE mother. She would habitually abandon litter after litter. The lucky ones she'd abandon at least after they were capable to getting around on their own, but one litter she left the whole litter somewhere unknown and brought ONE up by my porch and left it in the rain. It could barely even stand yet. Eventually I got fed up with her, and I couldn't afford to get her fixed. I know she didn't need my help surviving because she disappeared for 6 months once…so I took her to a wooded area, fed her one last can of food so she wouldn't have to start hungry, showed her the natural spring there so she'd know where to find water, and left her there. It's the ONLY time I've abandoned an animal, but I just couldn't handle her anymore.

  5. They remind me of my family of cats. I had a cat called spunky. She had a litter of 6. I gave one too my daughter called whisper. Well she grew up and had kittens of her own. But mom spunky and whiskers gave birth at the same time 6+6=12 kittens. Whew!!
    Anyway they would take turns nurturing all 12. It was so cute. Mama and grandma together raising all their children. Thank goodness i found forever loving homes for all of them.

  6. Y tienen a los gatitos en una caja dd cartón fuera de la casa??
    Vaya mierda de dueños de la gata! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  7. ちゃんと面倒を見るようになったってことかな?🥰

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  10. Because her mom wasn't there to protect her kittens/granddaughter she hides her kittens to a safe place.

  11. Mother cat and grandmother cat and the kittens So cute adorable..
    Happy ending..
    I'm lucky to know the story of the Grandmother cat and the mother cat with the kittens.

  12. I still don't get what happened. Can anyone explain?

    (I couldn't watch with sound because it dosent really work sorry)

  13. I had a cat who had no maternal feelings. My other cat had her own kittens and adopted them. The unfit mama cat was a glamour girl, always grooming and sunning herself. 😻😻😻

  14. 実の親ネコが育児放棄したせいで、別の親ネコが子ネコを育てるようになり、実の親ネコが床下に連れ去ったってことかな?

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