What is Agile? | Create an Agile Business | Agile Business Definition & Meaning ( Animated )

What is Agile? | Create an Agile Business  | Agile Business Definition & Meaning ( Animated )

– Welcome back to Speak Like Shaf, my weekly series in which I explain to you what baffling business
buzzwords really mean. I’ve got a load of top
tips on my YouTube channel so make sure you hit the subscribe button and notification bell and
you’ll soon be up to speed when it comes to starting and
running your own business. Talking of being up to speed,
today we are going to look at what being agile has to do
with running a business. There’s no doubt that being healthy, taking care of yourself,
and watching what you eat and taking regular
exercise can really help when you’re running your own business. It’s a stressful job and
if you can keep yourself in tip-top condition, you will
find it’s all so much easier. But I’m not talking about your ability to shoot a basketball hoop
or play an ace game of tennis when it comes to being agile. No, I’m talking about
your company’s ability to easily change direction when it has to. Agile business development is
crucial in this day and age. Older, more traditional organisations are bound by bureaucracy and find it much harder to be agile. Agile businesses constantly
evaluate strategy, change tactics if they have
to and even change goals if it’s for the good of the business. Information is shared between departments, colleagues don’t view
each other with suspicion and there is certainly no
culture of “That’s not my job”. Agile businesses have motivated,
talented, hungry owners and this culture filters
down to all employees. Meet Rab The Rock Star, my entrepreneurial friend
from the Stone Age. He was the world’s first business founder when he started making,
selling and renting tools for hunters to catch prey. He wasn’t a great hunter but
he was a great businessman and soon his firm was thriving, because he had built it up from scratch, he was able to make sure it was agile. He changed strategy when
he realised bows and arrows were more popular than spears, and scaled back production of spears. He employed local villagers
who were determined to see the firm succeed
and listened to their views on what they could improve on. Rab would never have realised
that all these little things added up to making his business agile. Frankly, if you mentioned agility to him, it would have meant running fast and being able to get out of
the way of a hungry predator that regarded him as a tasty lunch. Think of a cheetah. The fastest land mammal in the world, and one of the most agile, is able to reach speeds
of 70 miles per hour. They are built for going fast,
they are slender, muscular, and have a long tail to help them balance. They are the only big
cat that can turn mid-air to change direction while sprinting. If you’re just starting
out, make your company the business version of the cheetah. Stay streamlined and always
be ready to make decisions that will change your
direction if you have to. Now you know what an agile business is, jump to it and check out
my other YouTube vlogs. Remember, I don’t want your money, I just want you to
subscribe and Ill help you set out on your business journey and navigate potential
pitfalls along the way. You’ve got nothing to lose
and everything to gain. (gentle tinkling music)

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  1. Thank you for this insight into Agile organisations. A good example of Agile to my mind is Facebook, who while they moved from 'The Hacker Way', 'Move Fast and Break Things' to ' Move Fast While Retaining Infrastructure' because of the cost of breaking things at scale, maintain their sense of experimentation with innovation by continuously testing hypotheses.

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