Werner Herzog’s “Funny” Cat Video | Parody

Werner Herzog’s “Funny” Cat Video | Parody

This cat will do nothing. She will neither tumble through the air in
a desperate attempt to seize an elusive laser as it skitters across the crumbling plaster
of a tenement wall. Nor will she slide across a well-polished
granite floor, excited to a frenzied state by the false proposition
of yum yums from her off-camera owner. No. She will do nothing. Yet in that nothing, she shows me the profound
miseries of religion and death and life itself. For it is in repose, in my un-woken hours that truth provokes me most, like a garter snake lying in wait to scare
me in the beer garden. Perhaps she dreams of sprinting through the
jungle. But is it just a dream? Or is she like Schrodinger’s cat — neither here sleeping on this carelessly arranged
fleece blanket, nor running through the irriguous landscape
of her dreams — unless she is observed doing one or the other. But who is the observer? Does watching this video now allow me to force
existence upon her flocculent kitty-cat fur somewhere in the recorded past? Does her former dream life cease to exist
for my mindless entertainment and exuberant lust for escape? Should I give her a thumbs up or comment below? And what of my own dreams? Are their erotic and base nature made real
because I, the dreamer, observe them? Or must some omniscient third party view my
sticky visions to conjure them into existence? I recall once walking down a cobbled alleyway
in Berlin, observing the decrepit back wall of a haberdashery, its bricks overcrowded with blue-green moss, their simple leaves and wiry stems interwined
in a copulatory display. Did the moss see me? Did it exist because
I saw it? An endless loop of observer and observed; with any single witness removed, the world
would crumble. This cat does nothing. No light sabers or army hats, toilet paper rolls or cold water spigots. And yet I watch, drinking tepid Coca Cola from a
dirty glass and craving more Funyuns to cram in my mouth. I wonder what video YouTube will suggest next. I wonder if I will click it. �

18 thoughts on “Werner Herzog’s “Funny” Cat Video | Parody

  1. that's interesting u mention Schrodinger's Cat..i made a video book trailer for an author in my town, Eileen Schuh who wrote a book called "Schrodinger's Cat". Great video James!

  2. I've been watching a few Werner Herzog documentaries lately and this made me laugh quite hard for a full minute, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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