Volunteer Shirt Colors At Big Cat Rescue – FAQ Friday

Volunteer Shirt Colors At Big Cat Rescue – FAQ Friday

Hey Everyone, and welcome to Fact Friday. You may notice in our videos that our volunteers come in an assortment of colors, but what do these colors mean anyway? Our volunteer program is divided into two departments, Partners who take care of the gift shop and Keepers who take care of the big cats. We’re gonna focus on the Keeper side. Each shirt color represents the level at which each volunteer is in our Volunteer Program and what big cats they are allowed to work with. Red shirts are Trainees, these Keepers can work with Lynx, Bobcats, Ocelots and all the small species of big cats. The yellow shirt volunteers are Keepers. Keepers work with the Cougars and all the other small wild cats. The green shirt volunteers are Senior Keepers. Senior Keepers go on to work with the big cats such as Tigers, Lions and Leopards, but still work with the Cougars and the small wild cats as well. The navy blue volunteers are Master Keepers are at the highest level of our volunteer program. Like the Senior Keepers they can work with all the big cats on the property but may have a few more responsibilities. And last but not least our royal blue volunteers our Interns or what we like to call the blue army. This dedicated group works six days a week we offer multiple level internships that reflect the colors of our long-term volunteers. That’s all for this fact Friday but we’ll see you next time. EDITED-STJ-DQ

36 thoughts on “Volunteer Shirt Colors At Big Cat Rescue – FAQ Friday

  1. now I have to ask
    how many trekkie volunteers have chickened out when they learned they had to survive 9Β months as a "Red Shirt" ? πŸ˜›

  2. It's amazing how some of the people dedicate much of their time to taking care of the big cats. I'd love to go there one day! πŸ˜„

  3. You guys are so awesome! I live 10 minutes away from Big Cat Rescue! Huge β€œdonater” and follower πŸ˜€

  4. The Red Shirts, or "Dependable Expendables" also serve as sources of nourishment and enrichment for the cats if supplies run low. And just like those "other" Red Shirts of science fiction fame, any losses are immediately replaced by an inexhaustible supply of new Red Shirts just waiting in the wings for their turn!

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