Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone, Afton here from Big Cat Rescue and welcome to another FAQ Friday. As pumpkin season approaches, I think all the questions and comments I get when you watch videos of our big cats interacting with melons and pumpkins wondering… are we trying to make our big cats vegan? No, silly! We know our big cats are strictly carnivores and require an all raw meat diet.[Crunching] So, what’s the deal with all the fruits and veggies, you may ask? These are seasonal enrichment items given to our big cats to stimulate their minds and bodies to help prevent boredom. So, when you see videos like this, don’t think food – think fun! Thank you for joining me and we’ll see you next time. EDITED-JP-MGN-DQ

12 thoughts on “Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

  1. Одуреть, какие дегенераты задают вопросы, из-за чего для них пришлось снимать пояснительное видео?

  2. Me, a vegetarian trying to become vegan: Hell No! Dogs and cats, wild or not wild are carnivores, and ik some do eat plant material sometime but meat is what they need! Same for ferrets and wild mustelids.

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