Vampire Cat of Nabeshima (and a Huge Kitty Battle :3) | Japanese Folktales

Vampire Cat of Nabeshima (and a Huge Kitty Battle :3) | Japanese Folktales

Alarmed, the guard thrust his spear through
the door at the shadow cat. But the shadow disappeared, and the wife was
nowhere to be found. So do you know what happens when you keep
a cat for too long? It may turn into a vampire cat. At least, if you believe in old Japanese superstitions. Cats have a bad reputation for being greedy
and untrustworthy. And it is thought that the longer you own
a cat, the more it would gain human knowledge, and the more likely it would be for the cat
to change into a monster that can hurt or even kill people. Today’s story involves such an animal. It is the tale of the vampire cat of Nabeshima. Lord Nabeshima liked playing Go, and he really
liked playing Go with one of his subjects, a blind man who owned a pet cat. One day, the two were playing as usual, but
Lord Nabeshima lost one too many games and decided that the blind man ought to lose something
too. His head. He didn’t see it coming. When the blind man’s mother heard of what
happened, she was devastated. With tears in her eyes, she begged the cat, “Your master has been killed, do something about it.” The cat said… “Meow,” and strode off. It didn’t return. Soon after, weird things started happening
to Lord Nabeshima. He fell ill, he couldn’t sleep, he lost
weight. No one could figure out why. No one except a lowly guard. Nabeshima had a loyal guard who always stood
watch outside his door. Sometimes the guard even slept there right
outside. He was distraught that his lord was dying
and he didn’t know how to help. But because he always guarded the door, he
did notice something strange. About Nabeshima’s wife. Every time the wife entered Nabeshima’s
room, he would hear his lord start to moan. No, not the good type, it sounded painful. The guard started paying close attention to
the wife. One night, after she stepped into his lord’s
room, he saw the light inside cast her shadow on the paper door. But it wasn’t the shadow of a person, it
was the shadow of an impossibly large cat. Alarmed, the guard thrusted his spear through
the door at the shadow cat. But the shadow disappeared, and the wife was
nowhere to be found. Even more suspicious, the next day, the wife
did not leave her room to see anyone. She said she slipped in the tub and hurt herself. Even more more suspicious, lately the wife
had been eating fish everyday, but he remembered that she hated fish before. The guard started following her, keeping an
eye out for feline-related weirdness. And he wasn’t disappointed. They said mustard seed oil was a cat’s favorite
drink, and mustard seed oil was used in lamps. One day, the guard snuck into the wife’s
room and saw her on all fours licking the oil from a lamp. Now remember the superstition about cats who
live with humans. They tend to get smarter and even start to
take on human behaviors like standing on their hind legs and dancing with a towel on their
heads, don’t ask me why. But that’s why the guard was convinced that
she was a cat in human form, and attacked her with his spear. He was right. She poofed into cat form and leapt outside. The guard immediately recognized it as the
blind man’s cat. Afterwards, the castle men tore up her room
and, to everyone’s horror, found beneath it a skeleton and clothing that belonged to
Lord Nabeshima’s wife. To understand this, we have to mention another
superstitious belief. A cat can actually kill a person and eat the
body to assume the person’s form. It seemed that was what happened to Lord Nabeshima’s
wife. It was a vampire cat. It didn’t suck blood, it sucked life. It was draining the life from Nabeshima to
avenge its owner, the blind Go player who was unjustly killed. The castle men tracked down the cat to an
abandoned temple. The guard asked the cat why it was hurting
their lord. The cat said… “Meow.” That must’ve been cat for “Help” because
at that moment, an army of cats appeared from the shadows. Seeing no other way, the two sides engaged
in a huge kitty battle. The guards had a tough time because they kept
having to stop and pet the cute wil kitties, but they pushed through it and killed the
vampire cat that was hurting their lord. Sure enough, in the days after, Lord Nabeshima
recovered. Okay want some more superstitions about cats? A cat is said to have a supernatural attachment
with its master. Some cats even disappear upon their masters’
death. There are many signs that a cat will change
into a monster. For example, the color. Cats that have the three colors of white,
black, and brown are good to keep. They are lucky and not troublesome. White cats are smart and old, and have a good
chance of turning into a monster. Old cats are not good, by the way, especially
old female cats. The older they are, the more likely it is
that they have turned or will turn. Black cats are thought to be evil. Pinkish or red-brown cats are the most dangerous,
they are very likely to turn into a monster. You must not own this type of cat. So what color is your cat, and does its personality
match this chart? Let me know in the comments. One well-known sign of trouble is if the cat’s
ears start to split. That means it’s changing. A cat’s tail can also split. People would cut the tail of their cat short,
because if it grows too long it may split into two tails and that’s when you know
it has morphed into a nekomata (猫また), an evil type of kitty monster. It’s interesting that this is similar to
the idea of many tailed foxes. However, a nekomata usually only has two tails. However however, there are less common stories
of cats with three tails. And then there are the necromancer cats. Never leave a cat alone with a corpse. It may pull this move where it jumps over
the corpse and turns it into a zombie. How? Well, each person has two souls or spirits. Your superior spirit ascends to heaven after
death, but your inferior, animalistic spirit hovers around your corpse for a long time. By performing the jumping move, the cat can
make this animalistic spirit re-enter the body, reanimating it. Hey for more Japanese folktales, click on
this stuff on the side here. Alrighty, I really like this tanka from the
previous video, thanks Anna Morimoto. So we have a new Emperor patron this
week, Empress Mermaid. Long may she reign. And we also have new patrons Dracchus and
Fatcatgamerfood. Thank you so much guys. Alright much love, and spread the knowledge.

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  1. 1:44 Hollywood-level animation, I know I know…

    Nine-tailed fox:

    Please consider supporting the channel for mind-blowing animations like above =)
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  2. I had a dark gray one, one tannish white, one multi color of orange yellow and tan, (may they RIP) and one Siamese (had to re-home her). They didn't seem evil to me or my family. Sometimes I wish they could of cursed other kids that were mean to me and bullied me

  3. This explains to me why many antihero or ostracized characters in anime are cats. I couldn't reconcile the way that Japanese people dote on real cats, but then seem to have all sorts of unfair superstitions against them

  4. I'd say my tri color male cat is little trouble, though not exactly what I'd call… smart. My other two tri color females are about as sweet and loving as possible. Our two black cats are rambunctious, but hardly evil. Not even mischievous. Very loving and adorable.

  5. Good kitty, hey don't blame me! If I get killed for winning at a game I want my cat to turn into a raging beast and seek vengeance.

    Just me? Oh alright ._.

  6. me: * looks at my cat *
    also me: would you become a vampire cat and suck the life out of people if they killed me
    my cat: * leaves *
    me: f**k you

  7. My cat Color is orange and white what does this mean isn’t most dangerous and most likely to turn into a vampire kitty or smart and old and same thing with the orange

  8. Wait, wait, isn't that entire last bit of cats jumping over corpses to create zombies literally how Jiang Shi, Chinese VAMPIRES, are created?

    This is Vampire-ception

  9. My cats are really sweet and spoiled and love to cuddle with me especially Shadow and my kitten Bella her mom is white and black Nibbles is fat but lovable

  10. Cats are not evil they are just jerks sometimes wen there mad. My cat had 4 baby's we kept 1 the only female kitten.Bella is white with Smokey Gray in places like a Siamese She's a handful sometimes but not evil her mom is very difficult but not evil. My cats are kind of act like children😑😺

  11. How to do reanimation jutsu without using too much of you're chakra
    1.Find a cat
    2. Ask it to jump over the dead body (hardest part)
    3: if it does than the body should be reanimated

  12. The cat = Sasuke
    The warriors = Naruto
    The Lord = Konohagakure
    The blind man = Itachi/uchiha clan

    I ThiNk Not

  13. My cat is pure black and kills fucking poisenous snakes. She came home withe a dead fucking cobra and i live in norway where did she get that?.???

  14. Pauses video

    They liked playing Go, as in Pokemon Go? XD

    The blind man with the cat on his back looks like he has a dark Pikachu on him instead.

    The more I watch this video the more I keep seeing more Pokemon related things…This story must have partially inspired Team Rocket's Meowth in the Pokemon anime series. 😀

  15. I dunno. Black cats have always been the most affectionate and better hunters in my experience. Then again, they hang out with the dogs an awful lot.

  16. ->Sees a man in death's bed for no reason
    ->Sees the wife being suss af in 1:43
    ->Remembers nine-tailed fox
    Me: Aw shit, here we go again!

  17. I’ve had some cats for a very long time. I don’t know how much human knowledge they’ve acquired, but so far they haven’t shown any vampire or zombie tendencies. It’s nice to think they might avenge my death, but they would only do so if they could fit it in between their nap times.

  18. Where on earth would someone get the idea that mustard seed oil is something cats would like drinking? Apparently it's toxic to cats.

  19. Ah, man… xD I love Japan!
    This story is really weird aswell as entertaining. I'd simply call it an ART.
    Greetings from Poland!

  20. The guy plays Go with a blind man, and LOSES. Either the blind man is an extraordinary player, or the guy is a real loser (literally). Loyalty to a hot tempered loser like this doesn't say much for the servant.

  21. I just think how they had a battle with cats and then to get more powerful the cats pullout the silver vine and catnip to gain more power o-o

  22. I have a black cat but she isn't evil actually she is the sweetest kitty you could ever find though She is also old and has a split on her ear should I worry?

  23. Once I read on fbook an old lady in Ja🍳 was injured with slashes and bites at home. At first police thinks it was a burglar. Then it seems a cat did that to her.😄

  24. From what I understand, the idea of the tail splitting comes from how old cats have a pouch of loose skin on their bellies, because supposevly it resembled a second tail. My stepbrother (yes I call my cats my stepbrothers) had this, and I would affectionately call him a Nekomata kitty.

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