Two Cats Fight To Be The Mom Of Kittens | Kritter Klub

Two Cats Fight To Be The Mom Of Kittens | Kritter Klub

Charismatic looking cat with a stunning fur pattern …and baby face? But don’t be fooled by her baby face! This is a Savannah cat She was born between a serval and a cat That’s me, Queen! Let me tell you more about myself… I like to open doors… specifically, this one. Open the door! I’m not going to open the door. She wants me to open the door. Owner! Just once! I guess it’s my work then… Open the door~~! Whatcha doing over there? Kittens? Are they her kittens? But from afar… “I’m watching you” Please move outta the way… I TOLD YOU TO MOVE But why are they fighting? Velvet is the mom to the kittens Then what is Queen doing here? NO TOUCHY, QUEEN! Have some tuna Come here, come out Even if the owner tries to distract Queen… it doesn’t work The fight continues… Why are you so obsessed with my kids???? Queen has been dragged out …well not really I got my eyes on you!!!! She sneaks in and heads over to the same spot Queen was there from start to end when Velvet was giving birth so I think she’s mistaking them as her own When Queen is separated from the kittens Where are my kids!? Yikes…er… okay… Queen becomes very violent She acts the same towards Velvet Can we go home now? Please~~~ Owner decides to take her back home As soon as they return… she checks on the kittens first Velvet’s is not having it ;; Generally, they get separated but they get stressed so it’s better for them to take turns in parenting They will now take turns to look after the kittens After time is up… they switch positions Let’s watch them from a distance so they can sleep Queen respects Velvet’s time and steps back I see some hope From now on, they can take care of the kittens on good terms! We hope you stay like this forever!

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  3. I think queen needs to go and let Velvet be with her kittens, because it doesn't seem right to me. This is just my opinion tho

  4. Am I the only one thinking this is far from healthy. They should have separated them the first time the cat started getting violent. And what happens when the kittens are old enough to leave their mum? What will Queenie do then?

  5. I dont like the way you are stressing the mother cat…..would you like some woman trying t take your baby when you are feeding it? The mother needs peace and quiet….

  6. Or just get one kitten from the (Shop) orphanage and she can raise just like that.. or ynow she can foster care one of vekvets even though im scared about that..

  7. Maybe Queen just missed her biological kittens.
    So when Velvet give birth to her own kittens, Queen just memorised her kittens.

  8. Девки в конце концов примирились и решили совместно маляток воспитвать.

  9. My cats are sisters one is a calico and one is all black, when they were pregnant they'ed always be together, we have this mean cat so when ever it growls the other one would come running.
    The calico cat had her kittens first and then 3 days later lucky had hers.
    When they're eyes were opened we put the kittens together,
    And then we put the moms in and they got mixed up so then they took turns taking care of them.

  10. Why the gray cat looks like Haru so much? ( the episode where the kitten lost here kitten and attack the humans and the gray cat protect )

  11. Леопардовая кошка-прелесть ❤️ Ну, дайте ей хоть одного котёночка☀️😀😁

  12. Леопардовая кошечка-прелесть ❤️ Ну, дайте ей хоть одного котёночка☀️😀😁

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