TRY NOT TO LAUGH OR GRIN | Funny Cats Vines Compilation 2017 | Best Funny Cat Videos Ever

No Really, but first let me take a selfie Cuz [I’m] assuming [fuck] [again] that don’t know shit. [I] think I’ll run around no good reason Check it. Hot smack am bitch And you’ll be in some hot, nigga again Ever told you how [beautiful] you are [we’ve] got big fat butt wiggle wiggle Yes Come on Neither try and make a break for it. Huh laughing you trying to run [fork]. Where you going? Hey, I think I’m Gonna let some crocs What? How are you doing this whoa Becca? I’m playing. I’m dead serious. [I] got a girlfriend calm down Babe, who was that girl your songs on the phone last night? Oh, that was Jake and safe on bro, Too young Is he still in there? Yes? He is it is an hour dude seriously. I cannot wait any longer I’m serious keep looking at me. I’m gonna put in a foot in ground up [over] here. I will Destroy you [make] [an] [admission] anyway how to get your fat ass to exercise want a treat Wanna treat ah? crap Cooking with reason friend. [ro] at my back before cooking your [music] [supporter] [says] oh He was built like a brute. He kind of expect that this [new] Girl, hahaha see [mmM] [a] just accountable Mmm. Dan u.s. Smells fine girl tickle my ass. Has that smell take us off beat Give me your [hands]. Give me a hand. Give me a hand come on ah [yes], [who] your head you jew motherfucker you you only exist out here [because] of me, what a fucker you everybody

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