Top 15 Funniest Cat Commercials

oh There’s some jalapeno feet stink.

Oh, yeah Say you don’t know me or recognize my face Say you don’t care, no the place my We built this city! On Rock and roll! [Music] Your cat’s sense of smell is four times more sensitive than yours, [so] If you hate Litter box odor, imagine how your cat feels? So that’s why purina max has health guard to stop the growth [of] germs that cause odors which everyone can appreciate purina Max cat litter with health guard Bobo is regarded as one of the best free runners in the world Overcoming any obstacle in his way Pushing himself and his crew to the limit He says it’s a skill he was born with.

His owner thinks it’s a bit more than that.

Go cat with quality meat contains [high-quality] protein [for] cats that live life to the full [Oh] Hey, buddy.

Oh, yeah Who’s the most handsome prince? You, you are Come to

Snuggles Whoa, you’re going to give me little kisses How about you and me have a picnic? Shawn yeah? What we got a tee-time Cat love get more with whiskers the highest level of protein more whiskers, more love So Stu tell me how that new tiny cat’s litter works. Well, it’s revolutionary.

Now it’s formulated to absorb quickly and create crumble free clumps which means odors are locked in, so you can have numerous felines over and no one would ever know You are such a bad boy [you] know what so can I invite some friends? Yes Boys? New tidy cats multiple strengths [for] multiple cats.

that’s my sister! It’s right there Pick up my new album 1989 on October 27 This man right here is my great-grandfather.

He’s the first cat herder in our family Herding cats.

let anybody tell you it’s easy Anybody can herd cattle hold them together ten thousand [Half-wild] short hairs? Now some other thing all together being a cat [herder] probably about the toughest thing? I think I’ve ever done [I] got this in this morning Right here, and if you look at his face They just [rip] to shreds you know you see the movies yet hear the stories.

It’s I’m living a dream Not everyone can do what we do I wouldn’t do nothing else It ain’t an easy job But when you bring a herd into town and ain’t lost to one of them, it ain’t no feeling like in the world EDS managing the complexities of the digital economy Woah Equestrian Mortgage proud Sponsor of the NFL Remember.

when cats sang for Meow Mix? I’ll mix yum yum yum well now there’s an all-new meow [mix] With cats prefer [3] to if cats sang for the old meow [mix], what will they do now? All new meow mix tastes so good cats ask for it by name to say the least Oh no, no no no no no no no no no no no [No no no cat] Why do cats stare when you’re pouring milk? It’s like they know it’s only a matter of time [Time.

] the only thing between them and their de-potable thumbs Imagine that.

Cats, with thumbs.

And what if they got together gangs of cats with thumbs an organized army with one thing on their mind? Craven dale, well, jog on, kitties.

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