Today’s Big Cat Briefing is a REALLY IMPORTANT one Nov 19 2019

Today’s Big Cat Briefing is a REALLY IMPORTANT one Nov 19 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and I just want to remind you that Giving Tuesday is December 3rd and early donations begin today, November 19th with a $25,000 match. Giving Tuesday, the annual 24 hour global online fundraising event is to kick off the holiday season of giving on Tuesday December the 3rd and you don’t need to wait until the big day to make a much-appreciated gift to Big Cat Rescue to help us care for our 9 new exotic cats. Early online donations can be made in our secure web website starting today November 19th. Giving Tuesday is one of the sanctuaries most important fundraising days of the year. The financial support we receive from the generous donors like you during this campaign which takes place each year on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday is vital for our cats. This year we are especially thankful because the first 25 thousand dollars in donations will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to the generous support of the Share Foundation. Early donations enjoy the opportunity for the match as well our goal is to raise 125 thousand dollars to provide nutritious food and excellent veterinary care for our nine cats rescued in 2019. Have you met our beautiful cats? Illithia is a three-year-old female Serval who was a former pet. Her owners surrendered her to Big Cat Rescue in May so she can live out her life as natural and environment as possible. At the end of June, we rescued a baby Bobcat who had been injured by hunting dogs. We named him Flint and initially put him into our Bobcat rehab program, but unfortunately he has bone deformities due to a disorder or malnutrition prior to arriving here. It was determined Flint is not a candidate for release back to the wild. He will live his life here at the sanctuary where we can continue to monitor and address his needs. Then in September, we rescued four cats from a shuttered sanctuary in California. Bobcats- Philmo, Shiloh and TomTom and the Savannah cat, Mouser- are all boys except for her- sweet TomTom who has a boy name. They have all settled in really well and their personalities are beginning to shine. And last but certainly not least the three former circus tigers from Guatemala- Kimba, Max, and Simba whom we have been waiting to arrive for over a year are finally arriving November 25th! It’s been a slow process to get all of the government paperwork signed to import them into the US and we are very excited to welcome these boys to their forever home! We will be live on Facebook throughout the day on Monday the 25th as the Tigers arrive at Miami International Airport in the early morning and then later in the afternoon when Big Cat Rescuers arrive at the sanctuary with their precious cargo. Stay tuned and follow us at Cat Rescue. We are so thankful to be able to provide a safe, healthy, peaceful home for the 60 plus exotic cats and we’re extremely grateful to have such amazing support from you, our donors. Can we count on your gift to help care for our precious new cats on Giving Tuesday? If so please go to the link big cat rescue org slash Tuesday that’s big cat rescue org slash Tuesday and it will take you to that fundraising forum. Also we are seeing that only about 12% of the people are opening our emails and I think it’s because it goes to spam because of the fact that we have to use an email service and when that happens it makes it even worse. So what Gmail and other email providers look at is whether how many of the people who get an email open it to determine if it’s spam and so the way you can help is is go to your spam folder today, because today I sent out the email. Today’s November 19th and I sent it to everybody who has said that they wanted to join our email campaigns. And so if you are somebody who follows Big Cat Rescue please go to your spam folder and drag it back into your Inbox even if you’re not going to take action on it if you just drag it into your Inbox and whitelist it has a not spam then that will really help us reach more people when we do send out our emails. Thank you so much and again that URL for Giving Tuesday is Big Cat Rescue org slash Tuesday-EDITED-DQ

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  1. Love the two kittens in the start. I love rag dolls and Siamese, if only I lived close. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I don't check Gmail like I used to but I will try to rem to look for your emails often. I do open them and they do not go to my spam. πŸ‘

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