Tiny Kitten Is Strong Enough To Escape From The Narrow Pipe | Animal in Crisis EP29

Tiny Kitten Is Strong Enough To Escape From The Narrow Pipe | Animal in Crisis EP29

In front of a convenience store People try to find something I did hear something, but it’s not here I have no clue where the sound comes from It’s been 5 days since the sound came from nowhere Then You can hear it, right? *Meow Meow* A cat’s crying sound is coming from somewhere What’s going on? Can’t find the cat, but still hears the sound They heard the sound from 5 days ago But couldn’t find the cat Can you hear it? The crying sound comes from the ceiling Perhaps the cat is trapped in there? A clerk opens the ceiling and looks inside Can you see anything? No, I can’t Production staff also looks inside But only could hear the desperate crying sound Can’t find the cat in anywhere The cat cries out for the rescue.. What’s weird is The sound also comes from the signboard What if the cat is trapped outside of the store, not the inside of it? I found dried out cat’s excretion Inside the signboard, discovers the excretion It’s certain that the cat is nearby but the cat’s exact location is unknown Meow Meow As if the kitten wants to answer, he meows I’m sure that the kitten is inside there He keeps making sound, but can’t be seen Inside the narrow signboard, which is hard for people to look into Special camera is ready to get into it Once again, searching for the kitten The inner side of the board has a complicated structure The kitten is not found though.. No kitten on that side? No, couldn’t find him here Let’s go inside Perhaps the kitten is in the ceiling where the sound comes from? But still, the camera can’t find the kitten Can you see or not? But then! Is it below? White thingy in the bottom underneath here? A pillar that links the ground and the ceiling installed outside of the store the kitten is inside here The kitten is over there! Yeah, I see him Aww.. the kitten was there.. A kitten is found inside the pillar As the dark inside of the pillar is brightened by the light The kitten cries even louder The kitten tries so hard to follow the light But the inner side of the pillar is too slippery The kitten has no choice but to cries out The kitten has fallen into this hole Went down to the very bottom The kitten went down to the bottom of 3 meter high pillar Thought he was up in the ceiling But he was in the bottom.. The kitten must have been so hopeless and scared being stuck in a dark and narrow inside of the pillar Couldn’t even move freely A vet arrives quickly To energize the kitten to endure before the rescue Put him a nutritional supplement Let it drops slowly A bit more As he finds a hose He starts to eat! Fortunately, the kitten starts to drink the nutrition The kitten must have not drunk or eaten anything so far.. As he gains strength, the kitten tries his damnedest to go up Vet : Now that the kitten recovered the strength to endure So it’s best to rescue the kitten as soon as possible in the right condition The time is too late to proceed the rescue People stayed up all night As the day comes The rescue has started To take the kitten out of the pillar The pillar has to be cut with the grinder But during the cutting process, the dust or gas might occur and harm the kitten To prevent any risky situation Digs the ground underneath the pillar and make a space to take the kitten out And then The kitten turns his body to the bottom He’s out! comes out The kitten’s foot is out The steel pipe is under the ground Can you remove it? I need to dig it and cut it out Unexpected barrier Remove the steel pipe from the outside As the kitten gets more room to escape The kitten’s head is out! The kitten gives his best try to get out Yay he’s completely out! Good job, little kitten With his tiny body though The kitten has never given up and gone through a hard time so well His health would be? Vet : The kitten is very skinny It’s been only 2 months since he was born To prevent the hydration, provides the nutrition supplement The kitten has a horse throat from crying out for the rescue Vet : I’ll be hard for the kitten to digest food since he has been starved for a while The kitten was stuck for 5 days Slowly recovering his health is important It’s awesome! Feel like we saved a new life It’s alright~ Why don’t you cry loud like when you were stuck inside? Looks like you have no power after the rescue Are you relived that you are safe now? The kitten cried out constantly As he goes into the vet’s arms finally relaxes Undergoes the examination To check if there are any fractures or diseases According to X-ray and a testing for transmissible there were no problems His stomach and intestine is empty due to starvation The kitten can recover very soon from such conditions If provided with enough nutrition If he eats well, he can recover soon Having real food in a long time He eats up so well How come he ended up stuck in a 3 meter high pillar? Vet : There are no space to get into the pillar All sides of the store rooftop are blocked Vet : There are lots of cat’s paw prints The rooftop must have been used as apassage for cats Perhaps, the kitten caught into an accident when following his mom or siblings Vet : This place must be a spot for cats This kitten also might have came here to rest with her mom or other cats and tried to hide somewhere after freaked out by sth but he ended up hid in this hole Little kitten must have tagged along with his mom Unexpected parting.. Can’t imagine how fearful it was to him Block the hole in the ceiling To prevent any incidents in the future With the kitten’s strong willpower to survive And people’s attention to save the kitten Made a miracle

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  1. soooooo sad but its good when he made it out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  2. When cats get trapped like this it means it's there time. They are the dumbest of all. Stupid vermin going in a pipe. Natural selection

  3. Now you people have allowed this dumb fuck to infect the world with more stupid fucks. You people thinks it's ok to kill innocent babies but for fucks sake don't let a vermin die. Stupid fucks!

  4. i didn't want to watch this at first just because i get very emotional when i watch these kinds of things. but i got woried that the kitty wasn't all right so i watched it anyway and i still cried.

  5. It warms my heart that there are still people like you in this world ❤
    But it also breaks my heart that animals like these suffer everyday 💔

  6. На камеру, которую спускали в трубу, можно было кусок ткани прицепить они когтями цепляются за все в такой ситуации и карабкаются.

  7. Korea people: burning and boiling dangerous dogs alive, and tearing buildings apart to save a cute little kitty 👍😂

  8. Fantastic group of people came together to save this little creature. Forgot to tell us what did you name the cat? My choice would be lucky star.

  9. Es un lindo gatito se ve que es travieso y le pasó por curioso,bonita labor de los rescatistas y del médico ayudando y examinando al gato.Lindo estaba cansadito el pequeñin😻

  10. Fucking hilarious, you actually CENSOR the 7/11 sign when EVERYONE KNOWS what it is.. pathetic ! AS for the kitty, good job ! Very cute !

  11. 4 months ago i was in my office and i heared some kittens crying loudly outside but nearby the office and it was raining heavily outside… at the end i found two kittens barely age of 2 weeks
    I decided to adopt them but sadily one of them died becz of cold but the other one survived.
    Now she is healthy and play all the day and i named her "rano"😍

  12. I love the fact that these rescuers were willing to dismantle the entire building in order to rescue the poor kitten. Some people would have probably left him to die. Such a lucky kitten.

  13. Много сладко малко сладурче горкото кои знае какво е приняло!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭💝💝💝💕💕😘💖😍💞💌

  14. For everybody who disliked:
    Imagine yourself in a very small place, and can't exit. There's no food or water. Everything you can do is cry or scream.

  15. God bless you and I love you🐈☘️💕💝🌺 Guys your work is really important and beautiful👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🌸🤠🤠🌸🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹

  16. Can I have him I live in Massachusetts I need him in my life he reminds me of my kitten That died when she got older and gave birth

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