100 thoughts on “THREE KITTENS, ONE TREE!

  1. Happy holidays to y'all. Putting the "fuzzy" into "warm fuzzy feeling" there… hope you get back at least twice the love you put into these videos!
    And to those skimming comments: happy holidays to you, too (celebrating or not)!

  2. It's amazing how some people decorate their homes for Christmas. This is amazing!

  3. Beckie, I must vehemently disagree with you. You don't have five cats. You have five OWNERS. Yes, they own you and the rest of your family and the world. They just let us live in it and serve their needs. I have two owners and they knocked my tree down on Thursday. I wasn't pleased. I was allowed to put it back up. Have a wonderful Christmas and GOD bless you and what you do with your videos. Take care.

  4. The music went purrrrr-fectly with this video! Very beautiful cats. I am more of a dog person, because that is what I grew up with, but I do like cats as well. I hope you have a good Christmas this year!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Their first Christmas! I remember my Angel's first Christmas, the poor tree kept getting nibbled! This year though she's not fussed! We left a gap under the tree when putting presents under it and Angel (and my other cat Purdey) sometimes can be found curled up asleep under it! So damn ADORABLE! (look on my insta @bryony.marie.mason to see many photos haha!)

  6. I love the way cats wiggle before they pounce something LOL The amazing thing is we had a live tree one year and 2-3 cats in the house and they didn't get in it…we were shocked as hell.

  7. This was adorably/cute! I'd never had believed it, it was like a cat gym for them. Sooo cute! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ⚡🤙🏼⚡

  8. They are so cute OMG! 😀 I know you don't like Christmas much, neither do I, but I hope it is as good as can be and you have a wonderful day 😀

  9. This just made my day and gave me some actual christmas spirit ^_^

    we have this one mouse shaped ornament on the tree that my cat used to always attack and knock off the treen, I'd lose count of the amount of times I had to put it back on, higher each time, this year the mouse may as well be the angel, but the cat's left it alone though, or at least for now, she has. xD

  10. Awww they have grown so much! Hope they are all well, more importantly I hope your are well Beckie I have been watching your channel for a few years now and I want you to know that I really love how genuine your content is. Unlike other YouTubers you are brave enough to put out the positive and the negative and be yourself and I really admire you for that xx hope your Christmas was good and have a happy new year (depending on when you read this x

  11. this was so cute! i have a 5 month old kitten who loooves destroying our tree every day & lounging in the branches 🙂 happy holidays Rebecca <3 x

  12. Oh those cute little faces 😙😙😙 It should be three kittens vs one tree, cuz the tree is struggling to stay upright haha

  13. haha, this is exactly why we can't have a Christmas tree in our house – the cats would go nuts! (we have four mischievous kitties) Anyway, this video was certainly adorable and it cheered me up. 🙂 x

  14. Such a silly little video but it put such a smile on my face! Thank you Beckie and merry Christmas to you and all the fur babies! x

  15. this is so lovely added the video to my playlists its christmas the truth is here 48 and fun stuff amazing stuff 2 your lovely tree must be well anchored

  16. Eeee! :3 This reminds me of a picture I saw of my fiance's cats hiding in his family's tree when they were kittens! They'd be much too big for that now xD

  17. The calico nose booped you and I died a lil from the cute 😄 My cat pokes me in the eye to tell me he loves me extra that day lol

  18. my amazing cat got ran over last year and i've been asking my parents for another cat for over a year and they always said no. but ON CHRISTMAS THEY GOT ME A TINY KITTEN AND I CRIED FOR THE REST OF THE DAY

  19. The Bum Wiggle at 0:32 is priceless lol. That must be a pretty sturdy tree, My sisters tree came crashing down this year with a cat in it LOL.

  20. We have four cats, one of which is a kitten and loves the tree… the other three just sit and watch her climb it lol.

  21. Sooooo cute! My cat likes to play a game called let's dive-bomb the tree and try to get as many decorations off as possible! Haha! Hope you had a good Christmas 🙂

  22. I don't recall observing my cat climb the tree when I was young (which could have been a disaster, he was a big bruiser of a cat) but I do recall multitudes of broken ornaments batted off the tree over the years.

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