This Cat Looks So Cute But He Is Actually A Bully!? | Kritter Klub

This Cat Looks So Cute But He Is Actually A Bully!? | Kritter Klub

Out of my way! American Shorthair cat “Kano” A bully Pathetic The 1st rank among the cat is not Kano Julie is the first rank Peeing? Usually captain cats do this But I’m the boss among the cats Why are you the one going around and peeing everywhere Kano? Since last week Kano has been following around Julie to provoke Julie into a fight To be honest, I think Julie is just avoiding Kano because she’s too lazy to fight, not that she’s scared But Kano thinks he’s stronger Kano is having a delusion I’m not having a delusion! Let’s make things clear now You’ve come a long way, baby. Kano starts sneezing because he’s scared Grow up dude You’re nothing I feel guilty being such a loser cat

100 thoughts on “This Cat Looks So Cute But He Is Actually A Bully!? | Kritter Klub

  1. My girl cat fight wit my 2 big sis boy cat idk why is be wus my girl cat was had a baby but her baby is in a new home but there is a old boy can the boy cat is friend wit the old cat same wit my girl my girl cat she hate my 2 big sis boy cat is she want to be the alpha female cat???

  2. Господи какие они все милые! ❤️🤗☺️😚😚😚😊🤩😍😍😍
    Если тоже так думаешь го 👍❤️

  3. Why did they hit their cats?
    I see no reason to discipline them. You can't get mad at them for being themselves. You can lightly pat them and talk to them so they understand, but you dont need to actually hit them.

  4. I lost it when that cat took over the large wheel. That poor kitty was holding on for dear life then, whoosh off the wheel. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. he may have other problems, maybe some pain or he's depressed because he doesn't have his own safe space. you need to reassure him and make him feel safe. not hitting him

  6. I liked the moment when the cat vlite on the running wheel. Poor little kitty sprawled and flew from the wheels at breakneck speed, and Kano as the tiger jumps huge momentum spinning the wheel. I neighed until I fall this moment I remember.🤣🤣🤣😆

  7. Dont be angry with kano…the cats hitting for payback its not alright if they dont want to be bullied then dont hit kano.."grow up dude your nothing" seriously maybe his drepessed or feeling pain

  8. Kano is an All Star Athlete and is bored in that tiny dwelling.

    Kano just walked up and flipped that cat in the air. Very impressive.

    Kano needs to spend time outside.

    Kano would be much more relaxed if he could spend a few hours a day in a large dog cage outside.

  9. If the cat is indeed a bully you just have to separate him. Not all cats get along – it's a fact.
    You don't smack him or yell at him. Either you give him to someone who doesn't have another pet or you place him in another room – simple.

  10. You need to talk to the guy in the USA that has the show cat from hell park at everybody's miserable in their huh he's peeing on everything is beating up all the cats but I'm glad you have those cats I love watching this show thank

  11. 0:56 I think what happened here is the cat on the right thought the one on the left was hissing at it when it hissed at the middle one, then the the middle one thought it was being attacked on both sides.
    I don't know why it squeezed, maybe in some kind of disbelief that they would dare team up

  12. Para mí ningún gato es perdedor para mí todos los gatos son ganadores y fuertes 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💖😻💖😻💖😻💖😻💖😻😻💖💖😻😻💖😻💖😻💖💖😻😻💖😻💖😻💖😻❤️😻💖😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️❤️😻😻❤️💖😻😻💖😻💖😻❤️😻💖😻💖

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