The Twisted Fate Of Six Kittens | Animal in Crisis EP8

These kittens were born recently Informer: I searched for where the cries came from and found out the kittens were born here After taking a closer look… The kittens bodies are stuck together They try to move… But they look intertwined Informer: The back legs are intertwined and stuck together Just like twisted bread sticks The kittens are struggling to separate themselves What happened? Vet: Their skin or part of their body could pressured together or deformed like Siamese twins A possibility that they were born as deformed Siamese twins Vet: Even if they are imperfectly separated it’s impossible for five kitten to be born at the same time In addition, it would’ve been difficult for the mother A low possibility for them to be Siamese twins But how did this happen? A late night, hard to take action We decided to wait for the next day Next morning Hoping they are doing fine But one kitten looks strange… (Last night’s situation) One kitten is struggling No more movement The mother is grooming the cold kitten The other kittens are also in danger! It’s an urgent situation Vet: It’s okay, let me see the kittens Stay still Emergency check up on the spot The mother is feeling uneasy Because of a stranger’s touch The treatment begins Cries of pain The mother takes the baby Stray cats aren’t used to kindness We hope they understand us Treatment continues Vet: It’s going to be difficult to treat one of the kittens One of them has a leg that is dead The other two kittens are infected by a virus in the umbilical cord so it’s not good They need surgery The mother will move with the kittens Because they feed from the mother Vet: Take the kittens with care The vet’s movement become faster Surgery starts right away We hope they can stay strong Vet: It ended up as a necrosis due to the lack of blood flow The umbilical cord was not cleaned up properly So a virus spread through the umbilical cord A serious situation We can’t give up! They are trying their best to make the kitten survive The surgery for the ripped stomach has ended But the kitten isn’t breathing Vet: The heart can’t overcome it It’s sad The kitten dies Before it even opened its eyes How are the other kittens doing? Vet: If we let the necrosis develop not only are there issues with the cut parts but problems gradually rise to the upper part I think we have to cut the lower femur on the thigh An unavoidable surgery to let the kitten live The kitten suffers pain as soon as it’s born The kitten are withholding well Vet: They need treatment for blood poisoning the next 3-5 days The surgery ends… And the kitten are taken back to the mother Vet: Mother, don’t be surprised Your baby is here From six kitten last night to the remaining three The kitten were wrapped by the placenta What was the problem? Vet: When they were born the kittens were born with the placenta around them and the mother wasn’t able to remove it properly The placenta hardens over time but like a thread of nylon, it led them to be intertwined The mother couldn’t take care of them It wasn’t even her first time giving birth Informer: She gave birth to one kitten the first time I saw her give birth And the two kitten on the side was the second time I saw her give birth The third time giving birth Vet: When you become a stray cat, the process of mating happen recklessly between different individuals The mother is exhausted from giving birth continuously She wasn’t able to take up basic roles The exhausting life on the roads and the tragedy that happened from there A hospital visit a while later Vet: Guys~ Someone’s here for a visit The cat family looks healthy Their eyes are now wide open And even have names Mischievous Taeyang Sassy Dal Despite the big scar she has, Byul is brave Vet: Luckily, they are all healthy and able to see They are active and can digests well In a good mood, huh The mother looks more comfortable The cat family is living a new life thanks to the people’s interest and efforts We hope this happiness lasts forever♥

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