The Last Cat on Earth – Music Video

And, we are back with a very special guest tonight. America, I would love to introduce you to your president, President Wiggles Mr. President, quite an accomplishment to eliminate all but one of the cats in the world Word on the street is that the resistance is holding on tight to that last kitty I’ve got to tell you Mister President, I never thought the day would come when you would see me loving a kitty genocide! I love kitty genocides! Don’t you? Don’t you guys? I guess you could say, the cat’s out of the bag. (laughing) Well you heard it hear first, America, from the president’s snout to your ears. He’s coming for that cat. And he will find it. And when he does, it won’t be pretty This is your favorite human host, Big Smelly Pants. Mr. President, I can’t tell you how much I love my new name. What are you doing? Hey man. Don’t throw a hissy fit. We’ve got this one in the bag. Amateur. (meowing) Hey, guys (thump) (meowing) (purring) (running) (meowing) (running) (music kicks up) (barking) (load guns) (explosion) (gunfire) Benny? Run. (more gunfire) Get out of here! (scared meowing) (cocks gun) (explosions) (gunfire) (pulls pin) (kicks down door) (hisses) (attacks) (gunfire) Take this! GO! (music calms) (breathing) (music ends) (Closed Captioning Provided by Samuel Parsons)

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