The Growing Up of Two Orphan Kittens. WEEK 1

The Growing Up of Two Orphan Kittens. WEEK 1

Estos gatitos fueron abandonados por su madre (tal vez murió). Habían nacido hace 3 o 4 días. Cuando nacen, los gatos son completamente dependientes de su madre. Así que pensé que alguien debía de ser su nueva madre. No pueden ver ni oir. Casi no pueden caminar… …y casi no pueden sujetar su propia cabeza. No fue fácil, pero juntos pasamos las primeras etapas de sus vidas.

7 thoughts on “The Growing Up of Two Orphan Kittens. WEEK 1

  1. You have a very compassionate heart. TKU for doing what you are doing. Somehow the GOOD you've shown will be returned, repaid…down the line.

  2. hi, I have 2 abandoned 1 week old kittens. 1 can accept bottled milk, the other is having diarrhea and I have to force-feeding it, it looks so dehydrated. I can feel its cold paws. what should I do?

  3. How about feeding them? And stimulating them to pee and poo? How about a heating pad or something to keep them warm? And some soft warm blankets instead of torn up rags and a bare cardboard bottomed box? How about petting them, holding them, comforting them?

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