The Dot Method: How to Tell Kittens Apart Using Lipstick!

[music] If you’re working with a bunch of kittens and you can’t tell them apart, here’s an easy tip for telling who’s who. So check it out, here’s four black kittens, and if you don’t know them very well, you might not be able to tell them apart. It’s important to be able to tell them apart, of course, if you want to be monitoring their weight, or giving one of them a medication or something like that. So I’m gonna show you guys how you can tell them apart using nothing but lipstick. No, we’re not gonna put the lipstick on their lips So what you want to get is a long lasting liquid lipstick in a color that contrasts with the kitten’s fur. Some people use sharpie, but I prefer lipstick because this is actually safe to put on your skin or your cat’s skin. So I’m going to use my lipstick to put dots on the back of each kitten’s ears, and each kitten is going to get a special pattern that’s unique to them. That way I can identify them by where the dot is placed. You can do left ear, right ear, left and right ear, two dots on the left ear, two dots on the right ear, no ears. For these kittens we just have four of them, so I’m going to do left, right, left and right, and no dots. So Tomka is going to get a dot of lipstick on his right ear. Shrimp is gonna be our left ear dot. Chutney is going to get left and right. [with actions] Left and right. And then Haupia is going to have no dots So it’ll just take a minute for the lipstick to dry, and then this will stay on them for many many days Lipstick is designed to go on the skin, so it’s safe for your cats So this is actually my lipstick, I do wear this myself, and it comes off really easily at the end of the night just by washing my face with warm water and soap. So all you have to do when you’re ready to take your dots off the kittens is just use a little soapy warm cotton pad and it will come right off their ear. Like that! Mr. Right Ear and Mr. Left Ear Tomka and Shrimp, good job guys. Of course, the more that you get to know your kittens, you’re going to find that each of them really is a distinct individual, and it’ll be easier for you to tell them apart just by looking at them. All kittens have their own individual traits and physical characteristics and behaviors, and so it actually is pretty easy for me to tell my kittens apart. But when you first get them in, sometimes it’s useful to use the dot method. So now whenever I come and I look at their ears, it’s very easy to tell who’s who. I think this is a much better method than using collars, or using a permanent marker or something like that. This is really harmless to them, they don’t even notice that it’s there and it’s easy to wash off. I hope that helps! Good job, Mr. Left Dot [music]

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