The Devil Who Almost Took This Kitten’s Life Away Is Finally Revealed (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

The Devil Who Almost Took This Kitten’s Life Away Is Finally Revealed (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Scottish Fold Abyssinian Munchkin Russian Blue Turkish Angora These cat breeds were found near the desolate Nakdong River Informant : This is not a place for such cats to live There’s no chance for these cats to suddenly appear in a place like this “We are abandoned here” Fortunately Informant : Let’s go, come here~
Eat up~ They met a lady who looks after them If she wasn’t there for us Can’t imagine what would’ve happened to us Rescuer : The person who abandoned the cats who were raised by people in such tough surroundings must not have cared about their safety afterward Didn’t care if they can survive or not.. The rescue starts Vet : There you go~ (The rescue is too smooth..) And the last one, Ddol..! ☆All are rescued☆ Informant : Thank God Everyone gone thru a lot, right? The biggest concern is this cat who’s gone thru tough life on the street while she was pregnant Vet : The fetus’s heart is racing at almost two hundred beats per minute Maintaining good condition Thankfully, all are healthy♡ Vet : All 10 cats are still young, and haven’t spayed yet It’s likely that pet sellers have abandoned those cats who weren’t sold to someone else But An informant who remembers those cats showed up The cat looks unique The cat’s breed is Munchkin with the same markings in her/his tail(in the pic) Informant : This cat is a Scottish Fold with unique fur markings PD : What is that place? Informant : It’s a cat cafe running with a pet shop PD : We rescued a stray cat, and got a report that someone saw this cat from your ****cafe We used to have the cats But since they were adopted, we didn’t raise them at all Do you have any contact from the one who brought them? Cafe Owner : I don’t think so I’m not sure if they’ve sold the cat(Scottish Fold) or not I really don’t know what happened after one of the staff took charge of it.. “What’s the truth?” Vet : Labor has started PD : Really? Vet : The contractions have been going on There you go! It’s over..! After 7 hours of labor pains New lives are born Informant : Wish they meet a family who can love them forever Hope they all live happily Hope these kittens could meet the world full of warmth, not a horrible place that their mom had to face…

100 thoughts on “The Devil Who Almost Took This Kitten’s Life Away Is Finally Revealed (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

  1. People are the cruelest animals-
    They have been told that God made them in his image – and they think they can do anything to other animals
    The fact us they are also animals – the cruelest kind

  2. DEUS abençoe esses seres iluminados que fazem a caridade. JESUS CRISTO esteja sempre com todos, amém.

  3. right know in china .. so many people abandoning their pet either cats or dogs .. cause they scared of corona virus.. they think they will be easier to get infected from their pets..
    .. .. 😭😭😭

  4. Nobody can ever escape his or her own karma! Inflicting pains on the innocence will only get you one way ticket straight to hell.

  5. The cats were probably from a puppy mill where they also sell high breed cats 😔
    Guess they wanted to get rid of the ones that were not able to sell; as if they are just objects and not living, breathing creatures 😔
    Love this channel 💖💖💖

  6. I watched the video and I still don't understand the reveal. Who was the person(devil) that almost took the kitten's life away?

  7. super ce sauvetage et felicitation à la nouvelle maman et aux nouveaux bébé!❤️💚💙💚💖 j'espère qu'ils auront une belle vie

  8. Porque las personas votan a los animales estoy amarga y al mismo tiempo triste con las personas 😡😬😢

  9. When I saw the title I was like the devil OK I’m not letting a kitty get taken I will not let you Oh hell nah where’s my holy water

  10. You never revealed anything. I want an identity. I want them shamed. I want them pariahs in their own community. This is pure clickbait.

  11. Yay they rescued the pup as well 😄, how could someone abandon all these beautiful 🐈 and dog. A pet if for life people, not something you can throw away when you’re bored of it 😢 some heartless people out there. I hope they all find the amazing homes they deserve, and thank you kritter klub for rescuing these innocent animals.
    Something is a little fishy, as most of these cat’s are wearing the same type of collar. shame on the cat cafe for possibly abandoning these cats, and not doing proper checks to see who they are adopting cats out to.

  12. Muito fofos. Amo demais. Queria todos para mim. Mas estou tão distante: moro no Brasil. Amo gatos e cães.

  13. Adorable CATS!!!Why would someone abandon them.The kittens🤗🐈🐈sooo cute & cuddly.Please find good homes 4 them.They deserve it.

  14. I didn't understand one word they but they rescued some cats one of them a mother and a dog.But what devil are they talking about ?

  15. They're all so beautiful
    Who just put them there and left them?
    Why is there a dog left behind? Poor animals 😢so sad to be just dumped 😥 I'm happy momma had her babies in a safe place with you all♥️♥️♥️

  16. The white cats and Scottish fold and munchkin are highly adoptable. People love the white fluffy kitties. There is no excuse for dumping them, especially the pregnant one. Hope you find out who did the dumping and they must be made to pay the price. Lose their business, fines, etc. Keep us informed, don't give up, you must find the person who did this.

  17. Thank you for rescuing these poor cats and for the angel woman who fed them on the streets to stay alive. Thankfully, the pregnant one had her kittens in a safe haven, whom would not have survived if it were not for the kindness of these rescuers. The soulless coward who abandoned them to die should be prosecuted. Prayers that these beautiful precious kitiies get the loving homes that they deserve.

  18. Regardless of whether they are purebred cats or not, they are still poor animals that deserve affection, respect and love … It makes me very sad

  19. Pretty sure the cat cafe's owner is gonna close that place so she/he had no idea what to do to the cats. And in the end, just abandoned those cuties like that.

  20. Of course, unfortunately, innocent helpless cats/kittens/dogs/puppies and other animals are abandoned by their heartless owners.
    All animals should be PROTECTED by the Authorities of every Country in this World and Animal abusers SHOULD BE given EDUCATION on how to treat and value any/all Animals.

  21. Thank you for rescuing them I just can't understand how cruel people are … why abandon these poor cats when they are used to being taking care off how are they suppose to survive

  22. trima kasih untuk.smua nya, anda anda.emang ber.hati malaikat, saya salut pd anda smua.yg udah mau menolong dan berbagi kebaikan ama kucing kucing.liar, terima kasih banyak👍👍👍👍👍

  23. The kittens were born into a world full of warmth and love thanks to the amazing rescuers 😻 Thank God they weren't born in rough n' tough surroundings. I wish all kittens everywhere are as lucky. These beauties are at least safe and healthy where they're at now. 💗😻💓

  24. You guys are so nice you guys need some sort of reward you guys are going to Heaven I love cats and dogs I like cats a little more

  25. Удачи Вам. Пусть все заканчивается добром.

  26. У кошечки красивые котята родились, такие маленькие, беленькие, хорошенькие. :-)💕💞🐈

  27. 예쁜길고양이들 챙겨주신 아주머니 진짜 예쁘시다 또 마음씨도 예쁘시고
    원장님 그리고 아주머니 여러분 정말 고맙고
    산모냥이 고생했다
    애기들도 다 예쁘구만
    이제 산모냥이 엄마냥 됬다
    엄마냥 너무 안쓰럽고 예쁘다

  28. If they weren’t rescued just in time, the babies might have died in horrific conditions💦Thank you kritter klub for doing all you can 😊👍❣️

  29. Those cats…. it’s like if your mother decided to boot you outta the house one day like ‘eh I don’t really care about you any more’

    That’s exactly how it is for those cats.

  30. Definitivamente el hombre acaba …destruye …abandona a seres tan indefensos como estos hermosos gaticos.
    Afortunadamente fueron rescatados y la gatica gestante estos bebés tendrán un bello hogar 😘

  31. Tadinhos.. abandonados sozinhos num lugar deserto.. meu Deus,quanta judiação 😓 maldade..😢😔 Ainda bem q existe pessoas como essa senhora que ajuda eles.🙏🙏🙏

  32. It's a shame that bad people steal your pets, taze them and take them to the meat market. It would be great if we had translation

  33. The most precious thing in the whole world is a baby being born. No matter the species.
    This is why Satan tries to destroy them. Satanic accults killing babies. This is the reason trump is draining the swamp. And this is why they hate him so much.!!

  34. Apa kucing-kucing itu dibuang di kebun atau tanah kosong? Berarti manusia dimana saja sama. Karena ditempat ku juga kadang menemukan manusia yang tidak punya hati seperti itu.

  35. I love your channel, and I think you are wonderful people who rescue all these poor animals. Keep doing what you’re doing, and be god bless you!

  36. Kalinini penyelamatan kucingnya g heboh …biasanya kan rame tuh klo mau nyelamaton hewannya…tetap semangat buatbteam kalian semua terutama drh nya baik dan sabar neranginnya

  37. Bunu izleyen Türk var mı bu yapılan alçaklık İNŞALLAH cezasız kalmamıştır cehennemde yanar inş 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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