Territorial Behaviour! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #16

Territorial Behaviour! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #16

Hello, I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do.
Today we’re going to explore territory. Well, everyone knows that cats can be very
territorial animals. And, I’ve had first-hand experience of this with my
own. Well, one of my old neighbours used to have this great big grey and white cat. Who was quite grumpy and very shy. But, the thing I remember most about him was
the fact that you really didn’t get on with my cats at all. They really didn’t
like each other and they used to argue all the time over territory. This gave me
the idea of actually making this cat an actual a nemesis for Simon’s Cat. So, Jazz crops up quite a few times in the Simon’s Cat books and stories. He’s
always wanted to draw a line across the lawn and sit there scowling at poor old
Simon’s Cat on the other side. Which puts him at odds with Simon’s Cat who’s a little
bit hapless and will tend to walk through Jazz’s territory without
realising. And, this of course upsets Jazz and this makes them go head-to-head
which leads to all kinds of gags. Cats are naturally highly territorial animals
as they have shared ancestry with the African Wildcat which is a solitary
hunter. Coming from an arid environment where prey is scarce cats had to maintain a territory in order to gain enough food. So, cats have developed very
clever ways in order to keep other cats away. Cats leave long lasting scent
deposits which act as messages so they don’t have to come into contact with
other cats. Which could otherwise cause fights and injuries. Even domestic cats
still leave their scent messages to mark their territories today by rubbing,
spraying urine and scratching. It’s important that both your cat and the
neighbourhood cats have plenty of essential resources in their homes. Such
as beds, food bowls, water bowls, litter trays, toys, places to hide, places to get
up high and of course a latrine site very close to the house if
the cat likes to toilet outside too. Place resources in separate quiet areas all
around the house so that your cat has easy access to these resources and
doesn’t have to go past anything that they may find threatening. Such as noisy
appliances or the sight of other animals either inside the house or outside
through the window. One of the most common unwanted behaviours is urine
spraying in the home. Urine spraying can be performed by both male and female cats
whether they are neutered or not. Whilst urine spraying outside is a normal
behaviour for cats if your cat starts spraying inside then it may indicate
that your cat doesn’t feel secure in their surroundings. There’s many possible
reasons why cat might spray for example the most common cause is actually other
cats whether that’s inside the home or outside. But it can also be other change
within the household such as redecorating or the introduction of
say a new baby. If you experience any unwanted behaviour with your cat or notice any changes in their behaviour the first port of call is your vet. They can
rule out any underlying medical conditions that may cause that behaviour. Once we’ve ruled out any underlying medical conditions we can identify and deal with any causes of stress. A common cause of stress for both owner and cat is unwanted neighbourhood cats coming into the house. To resolve this consider
installing a cat flap that only allows exclusive access to your cat such as a
microchip cat flap like this or a magnetic cat flap. If you have an exclusive entry cat flap but you are still experiencing problems maybe another cat in a neighbourhood is peering through the cat flap at your cat.
Then it may be necessary to take more steps. A solution for this would be to
cover the cat flap on both sides so that neither cat can see each other. This
gives a message for the inside cats so they feel nice and safe. Whereas the outside
neighbourhood cat would probably lose interest hopefully and go away. Covering up the cat flap is a temporary measure but whilst it is covered it’s important your cat has access to a litter tray. If your cat prefers outdoor access to
toilet you may need to escort them outside and act as their bodyguard Cats are naturally territorial it’s part
of being a cat. However, if you’re experiencing any behavioural problems
with your cat such as aggressive behaviour towards the neighbourhood cats
or territorial spraying then it’s first worth getting vets to rule out medical
problems and then seeking the help of a qualified behaviourist. So, when you move into a new area it
might take a bit of time for your cats to establish their own territory. I know mine certainly did. Well, where I live now there’s a new character who’s turned up on the scene to hassle my real-life cats. Only this time he’s a big fat ginger Tom. With a great big fat round head and what he likes to do is sneak in through the
cat flap and steal their food. And, he just puts his head against the cat flap
and looks in and of course my cats go crazy when they see this and I have to
run out there and ‘shoo’ him away. When I do that of course
Teddy comes out all proud and acts like he did it and likes to flurry
himself around the garden.

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  1. Available with English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian subtitles! More captions to follow with the help of the Simon's Cat Community! 🐱

  2. Its also better for YOUR CAT'S SAFETY, HEALTH AND ALL AROUND WELL BEING for them to not be allowed outside AT ALL, as this completely removes accidents where theyre hit by a car, get a disease or other fatal injury from a wild animal, or be stolen or killed by the cruel people who, like it or not, do exist. Keeping them inside is just a enevidently better thing to do as you can actually have control over their environment, thus having them live longer and healthier.

  3. Simon's cat speaks a universal language, and you speak an incomprehensible language. Hello from Peter! More cat less explanation!

  4. Simon's Cat the worst cat for territory was my Auntys Cat Smokey he was born as a feral and tamed and ived in my auntys home, he was a right terror, the local neigbourhoods cat cats where terrorified of him, if they had a fight with Smokey they always came the worst off

  5. I keep one of my cats in now because I found out that he was going far and wide to be a bully. He was in most of his life before but I moved to an area without large roads so I started letting him roam at first. He'll survive because even the inside of the house is better than the inside of the apartments he lived in for so long. There are lots of toys in here too so he can enjoy himself without going out to bully other cats and possibly getting hurt.

  6. My cat/husband lol Rufus sprays on the same cupboard in the kitchen just to annoy me, he’ll do it while I’m watching his to human

  7. Not letting a cat scratch or mark a sofa is unnatural and timeconsuming, aside from not working at all since you cant be 24/7 on the sofa.
    Best way of getting chairs and sofas safe from getting destroyed or stinky is by putting a big blanket over it and fixating it if possible.
    That way only the blanket gets destroyed and the cat looses interest in getting its claws in, if there is a scratching post nearby that is.

    I dont understand how catowners try to stop cats from doing things. You cant stop a cat, only save what is susceptible to getting destroyed 😛

  8. Got a bit behind watching because I was helping at a "for life"local sanctuary. Outside runs and wooden sheds and 40 furry beings. I was "between cats" last summer and 4  vagrant ones decided my raspberry bed looked liked a giant litter tray. I sort of agreed as it was bare soil. When my newest cat arrived she found the bedroom window gave access to an outdoor pen. I happened to be watching when each of four vagrants tried to enter. My cat just glared at them, and crouched. Each cat slunk down, turned round, went back through the fence and has never returned. Quite a dominant little creature. And a nice manured raspberry bed  this year.

  9. You need a dog and cat in the same household version. I have a a "cat safe greyhound" and a "greyhound familiar cat". Things can get interesting.

  10. Now i remember when Spazz….( a tuxedo ) was a young one we went outside for basically the first time…..we have a good large yard with bushes trees tall grass around the edges a creek with fish deer raccoons birds dogs you name it……..i wanted him to be comfy out there so first things first….the dogs….we were out there that day and the local shep dropped by……..spazz was up the tree in no time ….the shep at the bottom barking….i walked over and got down in front of him …..he backed off a bit ….and i said …..you on my land puppy ( pointing at the ground )…then i pointed at spazz and said ….you on spazzs land now…..pointed at spazz looked at shep….my friend….then pointed at the owner still up on the road and said ….your friend…..the shep got up ….dropped his head a bit and approached….i gave him a good hand to sniff and then petted him …told him he was a good dog……he turned and went back to his owner……thats when spazz came down….i walked over to the bush line….spazz sat and stared at me ….i stared back……i sensed reluctance ….so i headed into the bush motioning him to follow….he followed,,,,,,there he sat dutifully by my legs…..still as a rock….after a time….i dropped my zipper and took a good pee……spazz was stunned seeing the stream……i finished up ….he went over to where i had watered…..sniffed…looked at me and i said…..you do here….you pee here…..you poop here….from that day on he did exactly that…..oh for awhile i had to go out and be bodyguard….but he took control of his territory….as for the rest of the wildlife….the racs never bothered spazz the birds were always there the deer came and went as the years went by…..then came his time …..i buried him there in his spot…..never gonna have another spazz….never gonna replace him….luv ya spazz……luv ya

  11. and even tho it might be a hard thing for you Simon's Cat ……you should consider the most delicate and sensitive manner to help those who have lost their friend…..and do a vid cartoon on the emotion and manner of how people lose their friends and how other cats emote to the loss……..give it a thought …..this i remember…..the final moment……at the vets 18 years on…..spazz was in pain at the time and i knew it…..the vet told me it will take time before he dies but he will be in pain…..he was under a sedation then …..i made the decision…..they brought him into the room…..all wrapped up like a kitten….placed in front of me…….for a moment he raised his head eyes glazed …..struggling to see me …..i nodded…..the needle was applied and he lowered his head…..and purred…….and my friend was done…….he is at the rainbow bridge now ….waiting ……wont be long for me…..i am 70


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  13. I completely love Simons cat and simons kitten they are so cute and nice I love them both!! Also I adore the cat expert young lady she is so pretty smart she likes cats and she is from England!! To Simon Thank you for creating Simons cat!!

  14. My Nigel is very territorial. I've watched him chase other cats out of my barn and off my property. He's covered in scars from his fights over the years. There was only one cat he ever "got along with" and that was a little black feral I named Coal. I didn't expect Coal to stick around for long, but he followed Nigel around and hung out in and around my barn for years. But Nigel never, ever let any other cats into the barn. I haven't had any ferals but Coal in my barn since I got Nigel almost twelve years ago.

  15. Of course, never the answer of "Consult an experienced cat owner who knows what they're talking about". It's always "Go to a vet and spent tons of $$$ for common cat knowledge"… Seriously, vets should be reserved for medical problems, not social problems.

  16. I actually live in an area that can have dangerous wildlife: coyotes, bears and such. Letting a cat roam free is consideredirresponsible and when animal control see domestic cats outside they will pick them up and fine you. Unfortunately my cat was both an in/out cat with his previous owner (he chanced it and the cat got picked up so many times one day he didn't retrieve him) so i adopted him and have trained Max (my cat) to consider the garage "outside." He knows it's not really outside but it gives him a special place to go and be besides the house.

  17. the only thing my cat does to mark his territory is scratching random wood objects when he's excited! 😃😄😄

  18. Ok about the spraying , I have two kittens from the same litter and are fixed should I still worry once they are older ?

  19. We leave the car windows down so if our cats need to get away they can jump in and fell safe. Is this ok? Also, usually what they are trying to get away from is this mean gray tom. Both of our cats get into fights with him. What can I do to keep him away?

  20. Hello.I have a cat named Şeker.She acts always weird,mostly to me.I guess she does not love me but I always tried to do my best.Anyway,she kept biting and hurting me.I love her soooo much she is like my sister.I talk to her I play with her I feed her I clean her toilet.I want to know what should I do or what is wrong.I want to make her feel better.Because I love her.

  21. My cat thinks his territory is my whole complex. He was so greedy once he slapped a female cat, i've never seen a male cat hurt a female cat and i think it's unlikely for a MALE cat to HURT a FEMALE cat, wow he's brave.

  22. There is a GIANT fat cat ( my next door neighbors cat ) and we have a kitten ( she’s 7 months old ) and that giant fat cat who is fully grown is SCARED of my kitten XD

  23. My dad had a cat as a kid named Bubba. A very fat cat, about 30 pounds. Ugly grey and a snaggle tooth. Could hold down two tomcats at the same time. My dad saw her do it. Very tough cat.

  24. A good solution to these problems…..don't have your cat be an outdoor cat. That's dangerous anyway, the cat can get run over by a car. Have your cat be an indoor cat, problem solved. 😛

  25. i got my little girl spayed yet so she is in heat but i like it and i am watching this with her (p.s. i am a cra-cray cat lady.)

  26. La imagen del pequeño gatito comiendo palomitas de maíz mientras pelean es bastante graciosa jajajaja

  27. Are there ways of introducing two cats to each other that would minimize territorial conflict and increase the chances of their getting along?

  28. We have a Fat Ginger Tom that's annoying all my cats & attacking them😤, it's also caught one of our rabbits that got out have & killed it 😕(…not like my didn't do the same with the wild ones😅)
    But because of the Tom my cat has pee'd in the home 😥

  29. Simon Cat and my cat Mario one thing common bioth are very territory cat. Mario at night walk around his territory to make no other cats in his territory then jump on my bed at sleep near my legs.

  30. There's a lot of feral & strays in my area & one of them randomly picked me last year so I been taking care of him ever since. He doesn't get along with the other cats, especially our neighbors cat who used to chase him off. He is real timid but can be a bully too lol but recently, a younger cat (I don't think she is no more than 6 months old) has been coming around who looks eerily similar to my boy (aegean breed I think) so we surmised it is possibly his daughter cz surprisingly, he tolerates her always being around & is not aggressive with her, just always annoyed lmao Simon's cat & his little brother are the epitome of my babies in character 😂

  31. Loud noise….
    -Cats have a good hearing and it's louder for a cat . So , yes loud things can be a little shock .
    Silence is the best 😺👍.

    Spaying is a natural thing .
    When there's no need , cats don't ever spray at all . 💁‍♂️ .

    Vets are good for certain reasons (like medical problems) , but it's not the necessary .

    Cats that are out side , 💁‍♂️they be hungry .😺

    Love your animation , I watched all of them and it's so funny .
    Love your videos though .

  32. This made me think of the story my grandmother told about her cat's Kind Kitty, a few years before they died (RIP you both)
    That story was about a bloodthirsty, cat-hater German Shepherd and a small white and gray housecat.
    And that's All I have to say 😉

  33. We have eleven generally they respect one another, one will even sit aside whilist the others eat, but if he and out big hairy ginger meet its all hell breaks loose. None of them spray and living in the country they have a big overgrwn garden and woods next door, sometimes go fo days in summer. All neutered except one tom who dropper fed never matured, thinks he is a kitten. Touche bullies Bijou badly, the big ginger though qietening down chases all of them. We use squirters to stop them. Years ago we had a load of Havanas and crosses and they never fought.

  34. i have 2 female cats who hate each other unless they're both in heat at the same time, otherwise they are enemies

  35. My cats fight all the time used a water spray bottle to stop 🛑 the from fighting is there anything to do to stopthem

  36. As a dog owner, I am quite surprised about this cat specialities, I've heard about it, but never was so deeply informed about it.

    But I'm happy to learn something new.

  37. блин у этой девушки дресировщика такие глаза как будто она пряма на тебя смотрит =)

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