Taking our F3 Savannah Cat on a walk to the park!

Heding out. this is what it looks like to take Kayode man on a walk Walking over to the park there’s a little pond over here that the little man likes to hop around on the rocks and Sniff all the plants and try and chase all the flies Yeah He loves being outside We ordered a new harness So that should be here in a couple of days that fits him a little bit better, or should fit them a little bit better Daddy’s gonna check and see if any doggies are come in then we’ll put you down. Come here little man, Yeah He’s getting so used to this area first time we brought him out here is pretty apprehensive This is where we start exploring offroad So one thing that we’ve definitely learned In walking Kayode man is Not like with a dog where you lead the dog, it’s They definitely lead you you figure out where they want to go? but What we have figured out is that giving them a little bit of resistance when he’s going the way that we don’t want him to go he’ll Veer towards the path of least resistance so if we give him a little bit of resistance on the extendable leash When he starts going away that we don’t really want him to go, then. He’ll kind of change directions and move along with us Crazy this was only like fourth time, huh? third time to lake pond Good boy Hi, my name is Kayode and I am eight months old, this is my mom my dad, and this is my pond Successful walk Adventure huh bud? yeah What’s happening right now Kayode what’s happening you getting daddy massages I’m not gonna save his favorite part of the day It’s gotta be top five Those are yours Hmm Hey happy chettah, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the support from finding the perfect Savannah To all the support in the conversation and the relationship, we’ve made from here on out As you can see Kayode is doing great At the time when I reached out to y’all his name was Marco and once we decided he was gonna be my baby um Felt super supportive with y’all deciding to call him Kayode and getting him used to his name. He’s readjusting really well and From both of us we can’t be more grateful for the opportunity to come to your house not just once but twice Um to pick this little man up to visit him the first time and all the information you’ve provided us with and how you’ve taken care of us getting situated with him and Still being in contact and checking up, and I’m like yeah. He’s eating all my plants. What do I do and um just? really really Appreciate y’all in a relationship and Kayode is grateful as well. Thanks for making sure your babies don’t go home with just anybody and being selective in the process and He’s perfect for me, and I think we’re perfect for him. Yeah shout out to happy cheetah. We love you guys And super grateful for our little man Kayode. Do you use the best thing ever? His name he brought joy is perfect I mean when we were just taking him out around the pond and stuff like that A lot of the way that he is in that situation is like just the way that he’s been brought up You know being attended to and having a lot of? attention and also he entertains himself because he’s in a big cat family so Used to just entertaining himself and doing his own thing But you know we definitely love him and all his funny little things he’s so interesting He’ll groom himself until he literally falls off of this couch because he doesn’t even pay attention if he’s balancing or not um yeah, and you know this is just the start of this adventure for us and Thanks for tagging along watching this little update video for the little man Kayode. It’s been Three weeks today. He’s adjusting really well and Meeting new people and hanging out with my dog jasmine and just yeah can’t wait Yes, seriously rolling off of this thing. He is my cuddle, bug. He’s like mom every day. I get home from work He like lays on my chest and we cuddle and we talk for a while and We go to bed he’s right next to my pillow He has his own little pillow right next to me, and he’s great alright. Y’all. Thanks for watching We’re gonna be coming out with more videos with coyote here in the future as we continue to adventure with them and go through Firsts and new things take care of yourselves everybody make it a great day peace out Hey, my buddy. Hey, oh Oh you got a green what mama touched you We’ve actually had in two weeks Point of three weeks to race So I go into toddler this one just kidding

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