Taking my cats for a walk

Taking my cats for a walk

Oh, it’s a cat? He is. He’s a huge cat. Yes, he is. Can I get another one, please? Of course. Whenever you have time.

41 thoughts on “Taking my cats for a walk

  1. Thanks to all of you my channel is almost reaching 3 million subscribers! I wanted to make a non-cooking video for my almost 3 million subscriber celebration so I took my cats for a walk. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 皆様のおかげで登録者が300万人近くにもなりました。本当にありがとうございます。前々から料理以外の動画を投稿したかったので、気が早いですが今回はその記念にこの様な動画を投稿いたしました。いつもご視聴、ありがとうございます!^^

  2. What a couple of beautiful and lucky kitties. Looks like they have the best life and best owner on Earth. Your connection with these little angels is wonderful.

  3. Me: imagining someone is trying to kill cat

    After: me killing him with no mercy,cutting his head off,still not done!…..

  4. I’ve been suffering from debilitating anxiety/depression over the last three weeks and watching your videos is one of the few things that calms me down. Thank you!

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