Border Collie Is An Overprotective Mom To Her Kitten?! | Kritter Klub

Dog raising a kitten?! I gotta see this.. Soulmates.. Don’t touch! Protective mama dog Even breastfeeds the kitten We don’t have to be blood, to be family Mommy will protect you from other dogs Back off She recently gave birth to two puppies But they passed away So the dog raises the kitten as her […]

Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Max the Poodle | TRANSGROOM

Today we’re going to groom Max. Max is a medium-sized poodle and he’s in the second puppy clip. This is a very famous way of grooming the poodles. Hello everybody! This is Kitty for Transgroom TV and today we’re going to groom max. Max is a medium sized poodle and he’s in the second puppy […]

Follow Me HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

There’s this way, and that way Just one way is the right way And I guarantee that my way Is the one to lead us home I’m so sure, that I’m sure In my sureness you can be sure And precisely ‘cause I’m so sure You should let me lead you home I don’t mean, […]

Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Skye the Miniature Poodle | TRANSGROOM

Hello everybody and good morning! Today we have Skye with us. Skye is a seven year old Poodle Miniature bitch. She’s a fantastic dog with a fantastic temperament. We are going to groom here in a T-clip. Everything we’re going to do with the scissors. Poodles have a fantastic character. They have a temperament. It’s […]

Comparing our cats

These are our cats. They’re a bit unique. This is Haku. He’s a big boye. You’re so big. You’re so big. Haku likes watching things. Which side do you want? And he’s obsessed with sticks. ANY kind of stick. That’s mine! Haku? Haku? I mean, I can drink without a straw but you know you […]

Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Rudolph the American Cocker | TRANSGROOM

Would you like to have your pet American Cocker groomed in an easy pet commercial way? Keep on watching because today that’s what we’re doing. Hello, my name is Kitty. Kitty From Transgroom. And today I’m going to talk about an American cocker: Rudolph. I’m going to show you how to groom a commercial Cocker […]

How To Weigh Your Cat At Home: PDSA Petwise Pet Health Hub

– Hi, I’m pdsa Vet Olivia, and today I’m going to show you how to weigh your cat at home. (upbeat electronic music) Start by weighing yourself on a set of digital scales, these are the most accurate. Make a note of your weight. This is your first weight. Next, gently pick up your cat […]

Cat With Cerebral Palsy Can’t Walk Or Pee Without Her Owner | Animal in Crisis EP28

Little cat sitting under the piano Mirae, come out~ She seems to run okay But keeps falling to the side Can’t Mirae control her body? Yes, she’s not well so she can’t walk like other normal cats Mirae doesn’t look sick But it’s hard for her to move as she wants to No matter how […]

Brush Your Teeth HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

You look upset all this time Because you’re afraid to Going to a dentist At first I was so worried that the Dentist he would see I eat sweets and then what’s worse Forget to brush my teeth But then he sat me in A funny chair And said that I should not be scared […]

Lady Helps Cat Give Birth To Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

Cheeky kitty safe delivery project Head home! Cat’s meow tugs her conscience You can’t come in today Stray cat invades her apartment I can’t help that I feel most comfy here Out! Get out of here~ Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened Navi couldn’t take care of her newborn kittens This lady lent […]