Man Stops For Kitten Trembling In Road, Then Realizes Her Feet Are GLUED To The Ground

Man Stops For Kitten Trembling In Road, Then Realizes Her Feet Are GLUED To The Ground Friday morning, Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon was on his way to work when he spotted something in the middle of the road. As he watched other cars drive over it, he figured it was a box that had […]

Revenge of the Kitten! Cat Fight game 2

★ Settings – Subtitles – Language on Following Cat fight Cat Tekken Game 1.. Kitten GORI Lose for two consecutive rounds in fight.. This time, I will take revenge on you.. Vengeful kittens … can he succeed? Die!! Fat big cat! Big cat GOEN is upset well! GOEN : I accept the fight.. GORI : […]

“Wild” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’ll go and hunt some mammoths! Hum buba! Hum baba! Go for the big one! MEOW! MEOW! LET’S GO! MEOW! We’re going to have a feast today! (Grab!) (Thump, thump, thump, thump.) AHHHHH! NOOOO! IT’S TOO LONG! Wild – A pre-historic cat that inhabited in ancient times. It has strong arms and overcomes problems with […]

Talkin’ bout Badtz HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Oh yeah That’s right Listen here Who’s the black and white penguin Who catches all the fish Badtz! That’s the ticket Who’s the bro with lots of dough Skatin his way on the ice and snow Badtz? Oh yeah The lady bird set Breaks a cold sweat When they watch me land My triple pirouette […]

Work To Do HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Hey everybody now Let’s review The Twin Stars gave us Lots of work to do We’ll plant all the seeds And they’ll grow into trees We’ll fill up the rivers And lakes and the streams Hey everybody hear What I say We’ve got things to build And then we’ll get to play The merry-go round […]

Lesson You Learn HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

The improtant thing is Keroppi own up to his mistake It’s something you must all learn to do For your see We all make mistakes It’s a symptom of youth And though your heart aches You must tell the truth Just how long it takes Is not my concern But the one thing that matters […]

A day in the life of our cats

[Poki meows] [Haku chewing on curtain drawstring] [Poki meows] Haku, stop. [Poki meows] [opens curtains] [Poki meows] [Poki meows] Morning. [opens curtains] [Poki meows] [Poki meows] [Poki meows] *too bright!* [Poki meows] Good morning. Hungry boys! Haku! Sh*t. Haku, what are you doing? Eat. “But I didn’t do paw trick yet!” [Poki meows] [Poki meows] […]

Baby Kittens are SO CUTE !!!

Bongza~ Bongoo Bongoo Bongoo What is it? Bongoo You are so cute! Bongoo You are an angel Bongoo Bongza Bongza Go Bongza! Bongza Bongza I’m making your face look square You have a round face So I’m playing around on your face

Up in the Sky HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

The air is clean The sky is blue Up that high You can’t beat the view Cloudy soft beds And pillows too That is what it’s like Up in the sky The clouds are white The sun is bright For fun we ride A rainbow slide Butterflys and birds stop in To say hi And […]

“Kung Fu” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’ve got to unleash my secret weapon! Nunchucks! Mitchiri Nunchucks – a lethal technique that has been developed 325 years ago. It has been banned for its fatal one-hit strike. Swish! Ahhhh! Boof! It’s definitely fatal! Kung Fu – A hardcore martial “meowist” who has mastered the traditional art of combat. However, he has been […]