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Three Little Kittens

Three Little Kittens | Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes for Children

Three Little Kittens They lost their mittens And they began to cry Oh mother dear we sadly fear that.. We have lost our mittens What! Lost your mittens You naughty kittens Then you shall have no pie Meow, meow, meow, meow Then we shall have no pie Three Little Kittens They lost there mittens And […]

OMG! I turned into a cat!! (Funny Kids Parody)

(lighthearted whistling music) – Daniel, it must be really hard to be a cat. – I’d prefer to be a dog. – But cats are so much nicer and they don’t smell. (cat screeches) – Okay, cats are nicer. – I’m starving, I’m gonna go get a snack. (lighthearted whistling music) ♪ And a cat […]

Steve and Animals for Children are funny | Cat, Fish, Dog, Frog in story time | Story for Children

Oh, hey! Hello again. Hi. How are you? I am here in a park. Because it´s nice and quiet. And relaxing. Yeah. Hey, what was that? There is something up in a tree. What is it? What is it? Oh look, it´s a cat. Hello little cat. Hey. Oh, and what was that? Oh look, […]

* LEOPARD * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Sleek and powerful leopards are wonderful big cats Leopards are wild animals the live in Africa and parts of Asia. They have cream and gold fur with black spots. Their spots make great camouflage for hiding in trees and sneaking up on prey. The leopards tails are almost as long as their bodies. Their tails […]