Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone, Afton here from Big Cat Rescue and welcome to another FAQ Friday. As pumpkin season approaches, I think all the questions and comments I get when you watch videos of our big cats interacting with melons and pumpkins wondering… are we trying to make our big cats vegan? No, silly! We know our […]

Hello Kitty Tart Decoration Tutorial | Sweet Tarts

Cat Boots Unboxing! SUPER CUTE! + OOTD | T.U.K. Footwear

*Singing terribly* Show me the meaning of being lonely. *Singing is sped up* Is this the feeling I need to walk with. Tell me why *Singing speed goes back to normal* I can’t be there where you *Singing speed is slowed down* arr—rrre. There’s something missing in my heart. And it’s cat shoes. *Show Me […]

Doja Cat “Mooo!” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

This top was like a huge distraction for me. I would like go to hit the keys on the keyboard and I’d have shit in my way. Like I literally can’t function with this. And I’m just like hitting the keys and I’m like, “You know what?” “I’m just gonna make a song about cows.” […]

5 Ways to Comfort a Kitten

[♪ gentle music ♪] Hi, everybody. When caring for kittens, you want to give them the most comfortable experience possible, so these are my top five tips for keeping kittens warm and cozy. The first thing I recommend is a microwavable heating pad, like a Snuggle Safe. You just pop it in the microwave for […]

Sex and the Kitty

[Opens door] [Owner] Be good kitty. [Kitty purrs] [Music playing] [Fish bubbles] [Dogs barking] [Music playing] [Cat meow] [Music playing]