Big Cats Eating Bones? – FAQ Friday

Hello, again, and welcome to another FAQ Friday. Many of you watch our Thanksgiving videos of our big cats getting whole turkeys and wonder, “Do the big cats eat bones?” And yes, yes they do. In the wild, big cats would eat bones, so it’s important that our big cat residents eat bones, as well. […]

Seeing Myself Through a Cat’s Eyes

Good morning, John, it’s Wednesday… What am I doing here? It’s Wednesday, that’s not how this works. It’s weird! Okay, it’s gonna get weirder. John, you know that I love documentary films, and I know that you do, because we’re nerds. But I think they have a problem, because we’re busy. Not just with work […]

Inside the Weird World of Adnan Oktar’s Islamic ‘Feminist’ Cult

So we’re in Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city and also home to Adnan Oktar the world’s most famous, if not only, Muslim creationist. His group of followers is called the kittens. Their religious group has their own TVchannel and show, where they talk about everything from religion, politics, to Kim Kardashian I’ve actually been invited on […]