Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes (Lesson for humanity) HD

Budapest Zoo has a discussion of the clip, but unfortunately the translation function doesn’t work too well. Anyone with a better knowledge of Hungarian is welcome to fill us in. Some online commentators have speculated the brown bear, Vali, was planning to eat the crow, but changed her mind. However, it certainly doesn’t look like […]


OhOHhOh Cats are really cute ^-^ *Robert has a seizure and screams* Alright Time for another awesome day uh going on youtube and searching for videos that i want to watch I am a person on the internet What do i like to watch *weird a$$ laughing* oh boi try not to laugh or grin […]

Kitten giving her human a head bump

Kitten giving her human a head bump Had a bit of a guest in the shed today Little doggie meets big doggie Every meeting needs a kitten Step one : Dunk whole head in She couldn’t keep her eyes open Goodest Boy with Biggest Stick Hey do that thing with your paw Kitten fishing Adorable […]

Wild Beasts – Big Cat (Sub Español)

A big cat, bet you get a lot of that Went there with no way back You can look but don’t touch On heat, big cat got a mean streak No match for this athlete You can look but don’t touch You can look but don’t touch Big cat on top Better show me what […]

Cheetah Fail: Big Cat Falls Through Safari Jeep Roof

00:05 COM: The cheetah, a famously elegant and agile predator. Well maybe not this one. 00:23 COMM: In June 2011 a group of tourist treated themselves to a Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve, but they couldn’t have anticipated how close they were about to get to one of nature’s most accomplished hunters. 00:40 […]

Shhh don’t wake sleepy sky kitty

Shhh don’t wake sleepy sky kitty A sloth took the boat ride of its life. Dog crawling forward to smile for the camera. Fox cub playing with their husky friend We don’t deserve dogs. He can’t walk but he will be a heckin great floater! A kitten who clearly loves her pup. Good boy wipes […]

KITTY CATS – Skyrim Mods – Week 163

Hi guys, welcome to Skyrim Mods Weekly; I just hit 666,666 subscribers! Um, no- no devil or anything, okay? Um, alright. Shit, well, now everybody thinks I’m a satanist. Great fucking start to this episode… Shall we celebrate, though? – twerk music – Uh, so that intro was a result of listening to this beautiful […]

14 RAREST Cat Breeds In The World!

Cats are one of the few creatures on Earth that are universally accepted as “pet material’. However, you may actually be surprised at some of the more rare and unique of the species. I’m Bob from W5L and join me as I take you through 14 of the most rare and exotic cats. 14. Serval […]

JIGSAW & Ultimate Elevator Prank (IbraTV)

The best are always… What are you doing?! Camera! It’s hidden there…! Sorry dude. – Are you okay? – Yeah. No thanks.

Top 5 Amazing Big Cats

Top 5 Amazing Big Cats No one can deny the amazing beauty and abilities of the big cats of the world. Because so many are sought after for their fur, their numbers are in decline. This is a list (which is by no means exhaustive) of 5 amazing big cats. The ten cats were selected […]