Rescued Tiger Celebrates 21st Birthday With Loved Ones | The Dodo Party Animals

[SINGING] Happy birthday to you… [SINGING] Happy birthday dear Zeus, happy birthday to you. [APPLAUSE] Today is Zeus’ 21st birthday. In the wild, tigers usually only live to be ten or 12. And at most other facilities, that’s what we see as well. A ten-year-old tiger is roughly a 60-year-old person. When they get to […]

Big Cat Rescue Flash Briefing 09 24 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue. Today I have a coordinator report from Erin Carden who says, “Today was great! Tom Tom the Bobcats saw Dr. Justin this morning and had two bad teeth removed. Abby weed eated around both hospitals, we definitely needed it. With all the […]

Big Cat Rescue walkabout to see Tigers, Lion, Leopards 10 15 2019

Hi Tutters! Good morning everybody, it’s Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Morning, Noor. Hi Angie. Oh, big stretches, big stretches. This is King Tut; he’s a Savannah cat. Hi Rochelle. [Wind] Good morning, Cynthia. Hi Val. Good morning, Shelly. So, today is day two of Panacur. Hey Andy. Panacur is a quarterly […]

Big Cat Rescue Priya Tiger goes on vacation 12 13 2018

Hey everybody, this is Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida, and what you are looking at here, is a lot of our volunteers and interns and our coordinator today Lauren Grant. They have just put two Christmas trees into the vacation rotation enclosure. They mowed and made everything nice and lovely. The next […]

Big Cat Rescue~Hoover Tiger Tries to Escape 4.27.2019

Kristine Metzner is one of the camera operators for Explore, who watches our cameras overnight. Hoover the tiger is in our hospital cage, recovering from surgery to his foot, where he had to be kept on concrete until the wound is completely healed. And she captured this horrifying video of Hoover trying to let himself […]

Hunting a Capybara | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A male capybara might look docile, but they’re expert swimmers with razor sharp teeth. The jaguars– they don’t realize that there’s a capybara over there. NARRATOR: The jaguars are now so secretive that the only way to see how they hunt is with remote cameras. We can see that these sisters are really, really […]

White Tigers – Get The FACTS!

There are many misconceptions about white tigers. They’ve been called snow tigers, endangered and their own species. None of these labels are correct. White tigers are not their own species but rather the result of a double recessive gene that results in a condition called leucism. Leucism takes away from the tiger’s pigmentation giving them […]

Big Cat Briefing November 3 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and today’s coordinator report comes from Fred Pagan, and this is for November 1st, he says, “Feeding was done by Abby Rivett Stephanie Krause, Bethany Smith, Susan Reed, Cassidy Helber, Stephanie Chaiser and Sharon Henry. Sharon and Sue continued to be specialty […]

Feeding Snacks To Big Cats – FAQ Friday

Hey, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to another one of Big Cat Rescue’s FAQ Fridays. You may have already seen our viral video, “Big Cats Getting Snacks.” [Music] Come here. [Laughter] Here, Simba! A common question we get from this video is, “how does the meat stay on the stick?” Well, I’m about […]