The Dot Method: How to Tell Kittens Apart Using Lipstick!

[music] If you’re working with a bunch of kittens and you can’t tell them apart, here’s an easy tip for telling who’s who. So check it out, here’s four black kittens, and if you don’t know them very well, you might not be able to tell them apart. It’s important to be able to tell […]

Kitten care part two: kittens at home

The first few hours after bringing your kitten home can really affect how well they settle into their new life. First and foremost, be patient and never rush your kitten into doing things that they may not be ready for. A change of environment is always stressful for a cat, so it can take a […]

Kitten care part three: introductions

After a period of settling in, your kitten might be comfortable enough to start venturing further afield and to meet others in the household. Children should be taught to be gentle and kind with kittens and have it explained to them that kittens like to be left alone when eating, drinking, toileting or sleeping and […]

Best of Cats Transformation from kittens to Adult Cats | Cat Funny Videos

As animal lovers, we are very much concern about the health and wellness of our favorite pets from the time they were born or when we first get hold of them until they mature and become adult pets. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine that sooner or later our adorable pets will pass their prime of […]

How to clip your kittens sharp claw the easy way.

In this video I will show you how I clip my kitten’s claw the easy way. Usually kittens are very active and they would play with about anything. So training is very essential to be successful. Everyday I have a session with each one of them after their meal. I would lay one of them […]

Kitten Care : Handling Kittens

Now we’re going to talk about handling and socialization of kittens. If you have, are lucky enough to have kittens that are newborn, the time to start handling them, is as soon as the Mom feels comfortable letting you touch her kittens. You want to make sure that you don’t interfere with the bond Mom […]

Inside the Chinese Circus Industry: Bears, Big Cats and Monkeys Abused in Cruel Training

In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China, home to more than 300 circuses, to go inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented there was horrifying. This PETA Asia investigation shows the abuse that animals endure in circus training. Trainers force bear cubs to stand on their hind legs by chaining them […]

Audífonos Razer Kraken Pro V2 + Kitty Ears | Unboxing flaite

I’m just arriving home so pardon my looks But I can’t wait any longer and we’re going to do an unboxing Of the Razer headphones because i couldn’t resist And it’s probable that I don’t use them right away but omg I need to do this unboxing Cat, please Decency This is how they come […]

Kitten Care : Taking Care of Newborn Kittens

Let’s talk about taking care of newborn kittens. The first question is always, is this an orphan situation? If the queen or mother cat is present, the queen is going to take care of those newborn kittens, almost always. Occasionally, you’ll see a situation where if the queen is sick, or can’t take care of […]

How I Trained My Cats

Give me your paw The other one. One more time. The other one. Good boy. Hey guys. So I get a lot of questions about how I train my cats for my videos. Actually, the secret is I only taught them a paw trick and the rest are just something I made them get used […]