Who is Becca? – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 9

♪ Little Miss Perfect in her golden gown ♪ ♪ She may be rich, but she’s really a clown ♪ -♪ La la la la la la… ♪ -Hey guys, what are you listening to? What? You haven’t heard “Little Miss Perfect” by Becca Sparkles? Where have you been, lady? Oh, this is the hottest […]

Talking Cat in Snow and Bath ! Funny Animal Voice-Over

hey what’s up viewers thanks for tuning in to sushi and runt in this video louis goes out in the snow with sam then he gets a bath and then we show you all the cool stuff we got at the Novi Pet Expo check out the links in a video description we are now […]

The Most Viewed Episodes of Talking Tom and Friends (Top 5)

So I crash landed the helicopter and saved the Queen, and the people cheered and sang with joy! Happy Halloween, aka Candy Day, aka, the best day of the year, aka a birthday for candy! Who’s ready to go trick-or-treating?! and that’s when I finally made the switch from drinking cold water to drinking room […]