Hunting a Capybara | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A male capybara might look docile, but they’re expert swimmers with razor sharp teeth. The jaguars– they don’t realize that there’s a capybara over there. NARRATOR: The jaguars are now so secretive that the only way to see how they hunt is with remote cameras. We can see that these sisters are really, really […]

Batcat v Supercat — presented by Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty

Welcome to Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty! Tonight’s meowvie is Batcat vs. Supercat, starring Baker as Supercat and Lance as Batcat. Hey, Tinykitty. If Batcat and Supercat got into a fight, who do you think would win? That could never happen, Littlekitty. You’re right. Let’s stop talking about silly stuff and get back to […]