Search for the LION KING!

(dramatic music) – [Coyote] This was an unprecedented level of danger, which meant everything had to go right, because if it didn’t, that meant everything had gone horribly wrong. (roaring) (intense music) Sharp rays of sunlight crept up from the horizon, casting a golden radiance across the savanna. Morning has arrived in South Africa, and […]

Rescued Cheetah: Cheetah Loves Walking On A Leash

00:10 COMM: To the amazement of shoppers, Yakira the cheetah is happy to be centre of attention as she poses for photographs outside this South African supermarket. 00:35 COMM: Although Yakira is tame, she is not a pet. She was raised at the Kwa Cheetah Project by Desmond and Elizke Gouws, at the Kwa Cheetah […]

The Cheetah Man Raising Big Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

Harry: You never take the respect that a cheetah has for you or the respect you have for a Cheetah for granted. They are an apex predator. So you’re always cautious. You’re always wary, you’re always respectful. Hi, I’m Harry, I’m 27. I’ve got Ebony, the five year old Cheetah here on my lap. I’m […]

Eagle Catches & Fights Baby Warthog

Warthog escapes jaws of a leopard and tosses the big cat in the air

A squealing warthog seized its chance to break free from the clutches of a leopard when a hyena suddenly charged in  The warthog was trapped after a brief scuffle in which the big cat was able to pin its prey down as the losing creature squealed But when the hyena ran in, the warthog was […]

Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

COMM: In Kruger National Park, these lions are looking for their next meal, and they’ve decided it’s going to be this buffalo. But they are not prepared for the fight that their quarry is willing to put up. COMM: With one big cat clinging to his back, the buffalo manages to fend off the second […]

Tiger Play in South Africa with John ‘Tigerman’ Wagenaar

John: I’ve been working with cats since I was 9 years old. I started working with domestic cats. When I was 18 I moved over to working with lions and then 5 years ago, I started working with the world’s biggest cats, which are Siberian tigers. The best thing about working with a big cat […]

Eagle Catches & Fights Baby Warthog

Family Loses Home To Keep Their Tigers And Lions

JUSTIN FERNANDES: I have lost my whole home. I have lost everything. But the main thing that kept me waking up every morning? All these cats! MAXINE FERNANDES: So as the cats come into our lives, we look after them, we treat them like our own children, we bring them up in our homes and […]