Hunting a Capybara | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A male capybara might look docile, but they’re expert swimmers with razor sharp teeth. The jaguars– they don’t realize that there’s a capybara over there. NARRATOR: The jaguars are now so secretive that the only way to see how they hunt is with remote cameras. We can see that these sisters are really, really […]

CUCU KUCING KITTY UDAH LAHIRAN – Anak Kucing Moly yg Lucu | Lifia Niala

How cute. (Kitty’s Story) Back then, Kitty gave birth to… Moly, Mony, Dora, Dela, and Delila. One of them died. It was Dela. And, Delila got lost. So, there were three kittens left. Everyone. Now, one of them had given birth. It was Moly. She had four kittens. They were Lily, Chika, Chiko, and Fani. […]