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WTF Cute Cat Bus Pencilcase Thingy

So what you’re saying is Cat bus…..Meow! [music] Ok so I’m really excited because I found today’s WTF at Home Plus when we were grocery shopping. [Home Plus Theme Song] Home Plus: you should pay us for that advertisement there It’s totally awesome. It looks like it’s some kind of… I think it’s a pencil […]

How to keep cats entertained! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #12

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re finding out about ‘Playtime’. Well over the years, my cats have had hundreds of toys, they have had little mice they have had little bells, little balls that go everywhere, […]

“Wild” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’ll go and hunt some mammoths! Hum buba! Hum baba! Go for the big one! MEOW! MEOW! LET’S GO! MEOW! We’re going to have a feast today! (Grab!) (Thump, thump, thump, thump.) AHHHHH! NOOOO! IT’S TOO LONG! Wild – A pre-historic cat that inhabited in ancient times. It has strong arms and overcomes problems with […]

“Kung Fu” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’ve got to unleash my secret weapon! Nunchucks! Mitchiri Nunchucks – a lethal technique that has been developed 325 years ago. It has been banned for its fatal one-hit strike. Swish! Ahhhh! Boof! It’s definitely fatal! Kung Fu – A hardcore martial “meowist” who has mastered the traditional art of combat. However, he has been […]

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Why Do Cats Have A ‘Crazy Time’? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #1

Hello, I’m Simon! Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do! Today, we are going to look at Crazy Time! So Crazy Time is based really on all four my cats, but in particular Jess, who I always think of as being the […]

Cats on the Move – Simon’s Cat Logic #18

Well, thinking about it – my cats chose the location of where I live now as much as I did really. Because when I was looking for a new place to live, I was always wary of busy roads and dangerous areas and things. So I was just thinking about the safety of the cats. […]