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Catnip – Simon’s Cat (A Christmas Special!) | SHORTS #43

(huming) aha (catnip moves) (meow) (huming) prrs prr the end

#1 “Basic Type” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

#1 We are a Mitchiri munching pico pico [Habit] They can’t help sticking with each other for no reason . . . Basic Type – A mysterious creature like a cat. They’re always a “Mitchiri” (sticking with each other). This type represents 98% of all MitchiriNeko.

#110 “Botchi (loner)” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

#110 Once in a while I am going to spend a quiet evening alone, meow~ “Botchi (loner)” Always saying, “I’m not lonely” and is a bit stubborn. Living alone quietly but wanting to be Mitchiri (sticking with others) deep inside.

#145 “Korokke (croquette)” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

#145 If I get fried What’s this? Help me, meow~ Nooooo Whoa, it was a dream . . . I’m relieved, meow~ “Korokke (croquette)” A crispy-breaded cat who’s often in a dream. Right temperature and timing is essential to get it fried perfectly. Favorite color is “kitsune iro (golden brown)” which literally means “fox color” […]

Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #80

♫ Theme tune ♫ Mew Hmm [Scratching sound] [Footsteps] ♫ Simon humming ♫ [TV Turns on] [Channel changes – Audience laughter] Meow [Channel changes – Scary movie screams] Meow [Channel changes – Muffled football commentary] Ooooh Ooo, Hehehe. Ah… Mew! Meow! Meow! Come on… Hmmm. [Muffled scratching noise] Meeoow! [Football crowd cheering!] Uh.. Haha! Hehehehe. […]

#175 “Mr. Charming” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’m going to be late, meow! (The bag says, “dried fish for breakfast”) Bam! Are you all right, Miss? Oh, Miss! You’ve dropped your dried fish! I’m embarrassed, meow~!! To be continued . . . The story develops unexpectedly in the next episode! “Mr. Charming” – A good-looking cat who is satisfied with his real […]

HIDE AND SEEK – Missing Cat Pt. 2

Hello there, Simon here! Did you enjoy our latest film? What do you think will happen next? Leave your predictions in the comments below. As you might know, animation can be very hard work, and it can be difficult to find time for your other passions such as going for long walks or reading. This […]

“Ribbon” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character #101

(♪ sound of music) (♪ sound of triangles) dooonnnn (deep bass sound) Ribbon – A fashion-conscious Mitchiri Neko with a colorful ribbon on her neck. Always anxious about if her ribbon’s sitting straight. She uses a curler for her whiskers but there’s no visible effect.

Showdown – Simon’s Cat (Jazz Trilogy! – 3/3) | SHORTS #84

♬ Theme tune ♬ [Birds tweeting] [Rustle] MEOW!! Erm Meow, mew, mew, mew MEOW! [Thwack] [Pow] [Thud] [Kapow!] Er? Meow? Mew. Miaoooouuuu [Thud] MEOW!!! [SMACK!] Meow! [Purring] [Lick, lick, lick] [Purring] [Purring] Hello! I’m Simon. Creator of Simon’s Cat. Did this film in remind you of your cat? Share your stories below. We love to […]