Collaring a Cat | Big Cat Week

RESEARCHER: We are putting radio collars in these cats because it’s a really good way to follow them. The collar is not a problem for a jaguar. They are quite light. It’s not the prettiest technology but it’s really, really efficient technology. NARRATOR: First, Esperanza gets a full health check. Jaguars have the most powerful […]

Cat vs. Car? | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[cat howls] – Oh, poor baby. [music playing] DR. JAN POL: Steve and Doreen bringing in their cat. They think it was attacked by something. Eww. My gosh. DOREEN WHITNEY: I thought he got puncture wounds from a coyote. I really did. Because we hear them at night all the time. DR. JAN POL: Nothing […]

Schrödinger’s cat: A thought experiment in quantum mechanics – Chad Orzel

Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger is one of the founders of quantum mechanics, but he’s most famous for something he never actually did: a thought experiment involving a cat. He imagined taking a cat and placing it in a sealed box with a device that had a 50% chance of killing the cat in the next […]

A Landscape of Fear | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: Lions are awkward in the trees. But on solid ground, they’ll not only steal from other predators, they’ll go out of their way to take them out. Even the much smaller wild dog is seen as competition, and competition must be destroyed. [birds chirping] Wild dogs generally do whatever they can to stay out […]

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

♪ INTRO ♪ Ever seen a cat dip into some recreational catnip? It usually makes the cat act a little strange. It rubs up against the catnip, rolls in it, and paws it. It’s clearly enjoying itself. And all because of a compound that’s a little too similar to its natural biological signals. Catnip, AKA […]

Killers in Training | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: These cubs have ringside seats for a gruesome show, a buffalo hunt. Silent assassins take their places to surround the herd. And the game begins. The lead females test the herd. They need to single out a target. The cubs must stay clear and watch. Shoulder to shoulder, the buffalo form a defensive wall. […]

Depressed dogs, cats with OCD — what animal madness means for us humans | Laurel Braitman

Oliver was an extremely dashing, handsome, charming and largely unstable male that I completely lost my heart to. (Laughter) He was a Bernese mountain dog, and my ex-husband and I adopted him, and about six months in, we realized that he was a mess. He had such paralyzing separation anxiety that we couldn’t leave him […]

Big Cats Share a Meal | Jaguar Beach Battle

HOST: First, there’s the famous sea turtle, Arribada. That’s Spanish for arrival. On just a few special nights, tens of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. And then there’s the jaguars. They come out of the forest to prey on the sea turtles. These big cats are extremely elusive […]

3 Cool Facts About Cats!

What if I told you that there might be a sneaky predator with super powers in your house right now? If you live with one of these, there is! I’m talking about cats! And even if you /do/ have a cat of your own, I bet you don’t know some amazing things about our little […]

Half-Cat: The Documentary – Part 3

It looks like dead technology… and and is in some respects but …uh… you need to shoot Hi8 in order to… …so people don’t think that you’re tampering with the footage the resolution isn’t great but it’s got night shot mode that’s why the cat’s eyes glow this one close close… this one maybe maybe […]