Big Cat Briefing 2019 09 09

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue, and today I have a coordinator a report from Angie Gabor. She says, “Another scorcher today. We were a lean team, but an awesome one. Many thanks to the great Sunday Red Team. Mai, Deidre, Stephanie, and Candice. They took great care […]

Big Cat Briefing 12 24 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue, and I’m wearing my coat because we’ve had the screen door open today, its 61° outside but it’s kind of a wet, misty, almost like you would expect snow to be, except you know everything is all like gray. And I tried […]

Help Save BIG CATS!

(♪ upbeat, graceful background music plays throughout video ♪) I’m Hannah Shaw and I am here at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, raising awareness about the importance of the big cat Public Safety Act. The Big Cat Public Safety Act would ban the exploitation of big cats in circuses, roadside zoos, and cub petting. […]

Q&A with Carole~Sapphire Tiger has been Naughty~8.4.2019

VIDEO LINK 0:00:00.140,0:00:05.100 Hey, all you cool cats and kittens it’s 0:00:02.700,0:00:07.950 Carole at Big Cat Rescue and Sapphire has 0:00:05.100,0:00:15.000 been a naughty naughty tiger. What did 0:00:07.950,0:00:20.960 you do? That’s why you can’t have nice 0:00:15.000,0:00:23.430 things, you know. I looked at her ball 0:00:20.960,0:00:31.410 yesterday and thought she’s really 0:00:23.430,0:00:41.690 digging […]

Hurricane Dorian Preparation at Big Cat Rescue~8.29.2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, It’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and with hurricane Dorian bearing down on Florida I thought you guys might want to hear from our Operations Managers what we do to prepare for hurricanes. This is all on our website in a lot more detail than you probably want […]

Big Cats And Scent Glands – FAQ Friday

[Cat noise] This year we’ll be doing FAQ Fridays! Where once a month we’ll take frequently asked questions and answer them for you. Today’s questions have the same topic. They are “Why do the cats rub their faces on their enrichment”? also, “Why do the cats rub on the side of the enclosure? Does that […]

Today’s Big Cat Briefing is a REALLY IMPORTANT one Nov 19 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and I just want to remind you that Giving Tuesday is December 3rd and early donations begin today, November 19th with a $25,000 match. Giving Tuesday, the annual 24 hour global online fundraising event is to kick off the holiday season of […]

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue Brittany shows you Tigers, Lion, Leopards 09 25 2019

What are you doing in there ? Good morning everybody, this is Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida and this is Miss Chaos. Lets see if I can get a better view of her. Hey sweet lady! You showed me how sweet you are. Good morning Deb, good morning Helena, hey Kristina. It’s […]

I scared the crap out of Melita | FRIGHTENED TIGER

(Whispers) Melita Oh, no! Crap. Melita, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise…I thought that Okay, I thought that you knew that I was there I mean you’re a tiger you should be able to hear me coming up. And like my shadow was like well within your peripherals I’m sorry! I’m sorry. (Chuffs in response) Hi! […]

Big Cats Eating Bones? – FAQ Friday

Hello, again, and welcome to another FAQ Friday. Many of you watch our Thanksgiving videos of our big cats getting whole turkeys and wonder, “Do the big cats eat bones?” And yes, yes they do. In the wild, big cats would eat bones, so it’s important that our big cat residents eat bones, as well. […]