I test my cat’s love

If you ask a non-cat person why they don’t like cats, they’ll most likely say that either they’re allergic or that cats are too… indifferent. I mean, do they even want to be your pet? I grew up with dogs and so didn’t have a great deal of exposure to cats, but… they always seemed […]

Depressed dogs, cats with OCD — what animal madness means for us humans | Laurel Braitman

Oliver was an extremely dashing, handsome, charming and largely unstable male that I completely lost my heart to. (Laughter) He was a Bernese mountain dog, and my ex-husband and I adopted him, and about six months in, we realized that he was a mess. He had such paralyzing separation anxiety that we couldn’t leave him […]

Sorry Grumpy Cat, study finds dogs are brainier than cats

Seriously, if it has brains, I’m interested. In this study, we were interested in comparing different species of carnivorans to see how the numbers of neurons in their brains relate to the size of their brains. I would bet money on a large dog over a cat any time. They have the biological capability of […]

Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats – Part2

Welcome to chapter two of this new cat introduction diary. With their next interaction, little Chatzi finds himself in a slightly confined space, although he doesn’t seem very concerned about it. They’re both very much testing the water, to see who wants to claim dominance. Teego has been enjoying a position of dominance with Freya, […]