Border Collie Is An Overprotective Mom To Her Kitten?! | Kritter Klub

Dog raising a kitten?! I gotta see this.. Soulmates.. Don’t touch! Protective mama dog Even breastfeeds the kitten We don’t have to be blood, to be family Mommy will protect you from other dogs Back off She recently gave birth to two puppies But they passed away So the dog raises the kitten as her […]

All About Kitten Vaccines

Hello we are you gonna pick a girl? Hey friends! Today I want to talk about kittens immune systems and vaccines Oh my gosh If your fostering or adopting a kitten, it’s your job not to just care for them when they get sick But to give them preventive care, which stops them from getting […]

I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens

So my mom and I live in these apartment complexes on the second floor and we have two cats named Bella and Kitty. With being on the second floor we had this little porch and our cats are always out there enjoying the views of the apartment complex. So everyone kind of knew that we […]

Animals Fighting For Foods Leopard Vs Hyena, Wild dog – Amazing The Strongest Big Cat

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