Kitty Needs Some Love | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[meowing] DR. POL: We came to the clinic this morning. And there’s a kitten in a cage. And he was just screaming his head off. [meowing] What is the matter with you? Louie was one of those that talked incessantly. Oh, purr, purr, purr. He wanted to be held. Let’s go out front. You can […]

Hunting a Capybara | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A male capybara might look docile, but they’re expert swimmers with razor sharp teeth. The jaguars– they don’t realize that there’s a capybara over there. NARRATOR: The jaguars are now so secretive that the only way to see how they hunt is with remote cameras. We can see that these sisters are really, really […]

Kitten With a Cold | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[music playing] NARRATOR: Whole Vet welcomes all creatures, great and small. [meowing] BETTE HELMER: We have a three week old abandoned kitten. We named him Binks. He has been having some sneezing, some respiratory issues. He’s not wanting to eat very well. Kittens that size, they can really go downhill quick when they’re not eating. […]

Kitten Gone ‘Fishin’ | The Incredible Dr. Pol

One Lucky Kitten | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[music playing] [kitten meowing] I was on my way home, a car hit it. It was doing circles, and did a flip. The kitten was laying there, and I just picked it up, and it looked at me, so I just rushed it over. The driver never stopped. I hate to see anything that gets […]

A Lioness on the Hunt | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A lioness owns this oasis. Her prey must drink at her waterhole. [music playing] She’s not just hunting for herself. She has two young daughters watching her every move. They’re totally dependent on her for food, and catching it is not easy. [music playing] She’s an ambush predator, but there’s no cover on these […]

Discovering the Inner Cub | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: Cats often switch from having elegant poise to being in touch with their inner cub. And it’s this side of cats we find most heartwarming, entertaining, even hilarious. Their mothers don’t always agree. [music playing] A cat mother has the uncanny ability to continue with her chores and manage to entertain her young with […]

Sneaky Scavengers | Big Cat Week

[music playing] NARRATOR: Unlike the loner leopard, jackals– canine cousins of the wild dog– lead a more sociable life. They can live as pairs and mate for life. [music playing] They’re also extremely cunning and adaptive. Equal opportunity hunters and thieves. Like shadows, they hang out on the fringes of other predators’ kills. Even a […]

The Anaconda is a Heavyweight of Snakes | Nat Geo Wild

NARRATOR: This intimidating reptile is the heaviest snake in the world, and one of the largest. At 30 feet, the anaconda can grow to be nearly the length of a school bus. When most people say anaconda, they’re referring to the largest of the four species of anacondas, the green anaconda. At up to 550 […]

Keeping Up With Kittens – Season 2, Episode 6 | Barnyard Babies with Dr. Pol

okay oh boy oh come here come on oh boy yes [Music] here is dr. pol with more barnyard babies and this time it barnyard kittens they are so cute and inquisitive check it out we have some fast facts about cats this is the particular color it’s the tortoise and there always are females […]