Justin Bieber’s New Savannah Kittens Are a Bummer

[purring] Um, excuse me! [laughter] A lot of people are asking me my perspective on Justin Bieber and his new kittens. If you didn’t see, Justin Bieber just purchased two Savannah kittens. A Savannah kitten is a hybrid between a domestic cat like Cider and a wild cat, the serval. So my take on this […]

Legally Speaking: Kitten Crushing Videos (yes, it’s a thing) | We The Internet TV

[LOU] I’m trying to imagine Benjamin Franklin crushing kittens, I just—it’s tough to get that image in my mind. [BARRY] Yeah, I agree with that. (music) [LOU] I didn’t believe that this case was real, and honestly I still don’t believe it, but apparently you have a First Amendment right to make and sell videos […]

Inside the Chinese Circus Industry: Bears, Big Cats and Monkeys Abused in Cruel Training

In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China, home to more than 300 circuses, to go inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented there was horrifying. This PETA Asia investigation shows the abuse that animals endure in circus training. Trainers force bear cubs to stand on their hind legs by chaining them […]

PETA Games: Mario, Pokémon, Cooking Mama, and Kitten Squad | PETA Video Answers

Search up PETA Mario and PETA Pokémon and you’ll see the true side of PETA. Whatever. I’m not going going to stop eating Squirtles just because a bunch of hippies got all sad. These are PETA staffers reading real-life internet comments. They’re from some angry dudes to be sure, and they’re mad that PETA, to […]

Sex and the Kitty

[Opens door] [Owner] Be good kitty. [Kitty purrs] [Music playing] [Fish bubbles] [Dogs barking] [Music playing] [Cat meow] [Music playing]