Black Kitty (Parody of Rack City – Tyga)

Black Black Kitty, Bitch… On his little feet. black kitty bitch black black kitty bitch staring at me scary cuz he wants a piece of this Sleeping deep, no peeps, no day biz Blackness you don’t know who you f****in with got my other kitty f***ng with my other kitty runnin all night nocturnal kitty […]


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How America’s Love Of Cats And Dogs Became A $72 Billion Business

Cute puppies, kittens, Instagram dogs. Americans are spending more and more on their pets. And at Morris Animal Inn, cats are also vacationing in style. The inn offers luxury accommodations, including condos and kitty suites with plush beds and TVs. Meals for pets just like this one made with human grade ingredients. That’s become the […]

Funny Cat Videos – Cute Kittens Fails Compilation – Try Not to Laugh or Grin [part 9]

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Caring for very young (pre-eight weeks) kittens

(Acoustic music) While being absolutely adorable and thoroughly entertaining, newborn kittens are a huge responsibility. At this stage in their life kittens are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to disease. So if you are caring for newborn kittens it’s vital you’re informed about their development as much as possible, so you can give them the best […]

Funny Cats|Munchkin Cat Autumn|Top 100|#031

Munchkin Cat Although he has short legs he gets off on his own initiative every time Autumn view Grow up, not as cute as before See the sea? I am with you Just make one, perfunctory! The sister thought that the cat was trying to follow her But it’s just interested in eating in the […]

Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

[kitten hissing] [kitten growling] [instrumental music] Hey guys, I just rescued a 7 to 8 week old feral kitten and in this video I’m gonna show you what to do if you’ve rescued a feral kitten. How do you take a kitten from being super-spicy to being mild and lovely? This kitten is from a […]

Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

COMM: Meet Herman, the scaredy cat, whose big eyes give him a look of constant surprise. COMM: The five-month-old exotic shorthair lives in Copenhagen with his owner Shirley. COMM: Vets have said that the wide-eyed feline had no underlying health problems. Herman had a difficult start in life and had to be hand-fed, making him […]

#1 “Basic Type” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

#1 We are a Mitchiri munching pico pico [Habit] They can’t help sticking with each other for no reason . . . Basic Type – A mysterious creature like a cat. They’re always a “Mitchiri” (sticking with each other). This type represents 98% of all MitchiriNeko.