What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

– [Woman] OK, I won’t be gone long, be good. – Huh, she finally left. I guess she got the hint. The food pourer is gone for good. I guess this place is all mine now. I can’t believe we never used this big scratching post. Now it has a nice lived in feel. Oh, […]

Ep.6 A Student Kitten’s Diet and Nutrition : Kitten Kollege

At Kitten Kollege our students’ diets are taken very seriously. Our students might think they’re all grown up after six months, but they’re not. That’s why we give them special Whiskas kitten food for a full year. A healthy diet is the first step to a good education


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Today’s Big Cat Briefing is a REALLY IMPORTANT one Nov 19 2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and I just want to remind you that Giving Tuesday is December 3rd and early donations begin today, November 19th with a $25,000 match. Giving Tuesday, the annual 24 hour global online fundraising event is to kick off the holiday season of […]

Watch Our Big Cats LIVE!!

A lot of you like to follow us on our various social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just to name a few. But did you know you can watch our big cats live every day by visiting explore.org? Check out some of our live streaming webcams we have throughout our sanctuary. […]

How To Work At Big Cat Rescue – FAQ Friday

Oh many of you wonder what it takes to work here at Big Cat Rescue but what you may not know is that our sanctuary is ran by over a hundred volunteers. We have about 14 or so full-time paid staff members that take care of the administrative work. The staff members at Big Cat […]

Hello Kitty Play Doh Donuts | Playdough Hello Kitty Doughnuts with Play-doh

Today we are going to make Hello Kitty themed Donuts from playdoh So if you are a Hello Kitty fan Then watch out till the end What we gonna do is We need a light colored playdoh To make our donut base And you have to give it the shape of Hello Kitty So for […]

Feeding Snacks To Big Cats – FAQ Friday

Hey, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to another one of Big Cat Rescue’s FAQ Fridays. You may have already seen our viral video, “Big Cats Getting Snacks.” [Music] Come here. [Laughter] Here, Simba! A common question we get from this video is, “how does the meat stay on the stick?” Well, I’m about […]

Big Cats And Cold Weather

Being in Florida, we’re used to having some pretty mild winters, but this year it’s been unexpectedly freezing, literally! So what is it that we do when it’s unusually cold? First we bring in our smallest animal. He is the only non cat species we have here to reside at Big Cat Rescue. Babycakes the […]

Pitching Their Stories: Erase All Kittens

[Priya Nirmal]: I’m Priya Nirmal, and I’m working on the design and development for our solution. Erase All Kittens is the first game designed to inspire girls to code and to teach in professional languages by a highly gamified story-driven game play. Our goal is to completely transform how girls perceive coding and to empower […]