Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

We wanted also to go through a thorough physical exam and I’m going to ask the owner of this kitty cat that if they have any health concerns. So, that’s where we’re going to start. We want to go ahead and have a good look at your cat. I think I actually put your kitty […]

Masha and The Bear – Just shoot me 📸(Episode 34)

I was playing I was playing I was playing Oh, no… Oh my, oh my… All this is my fault. That is not my fault! Oh, wow! What a cool gadget this is! Wow, I am looking so very photogenius! OK. Where should I hang this up? Cool! Wooh! I completely forgot to shoot Bear! […]

Cupcakes HELLO KITTY Style! Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial!

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Hello Kitty Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous Hello Kitty cupcake. I’ve had so many requests for Hello Kitty in a cupcake and this is my take on this iconic little kitty cat. Tools and equipment that we will be using today: I […]

The New Kids HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Nobody likes the new kid It’s not easy being the new kid Even though I hope I’m wrong I feel I don’t belong If I can show them who I am Way down deep inside Then they will see I’ve nothing to hide I’m really rather nice, you see Then they’ll like the new kid […]

Safely Introducing Kittens (From Different Litters!)

Hi everyone! I’ve got a house full of kittens. I have six kittens in this room, and four kittens on quarantine in another room. And today is very exciting because today is the day that all the kittens are going to meet and become friends. Making friends is such a fun part of being a […]


Everybody knows about our recent rescues in Mississippi, where we brought two tigers and a liger back to Big Cat Rescue from not-so-great conditions. I want to introduce you to the two tigers, today, and that’s a male tiger named Alex, and the female’s name is Cookie. Now, the liger, you’re gonna have to wait […]

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Giving Cats Medication

So, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about medication. Has your cat had any medication yet? Not that I’m aware of. Ok. What we like to do at McDonald Animal Hospital, is to try and always send home liquid medications that taste good. But, often times I don’t think that owner’s are […]

All About Kitten Vaccines

Hello we are you gonna pick a girl? Hey friends! Today I want to talk about kittens immune systems and vaccines Oh my gosh If your fostering or adopting a kitten, it’s your job not to just care for them when they get sick But to give them preventive care, which stops them from getting […]

How to Set Up Space for Foster Kittens

Hi everyone! A question I’m asked a lot is “How do you set up your space for foster kittens?” So in this video I will be talking about Setting up your home base for kittens of all different ages And I’ll be answering some of your top questions about “How to set up their areas […]