Are lions the most intelligent cat?

“So…here looks good.” Natalia has designed a puzzle for the cats to solve. A lion must work out how to open a door, then reach her head inside to get a reward. “Good.” There’s nothing like this in nature, so to Jenny the Lion it’s a Rubix cube. “And if the lions come you just […]

Age of Big Cats: Origins (Episode 1)

– [Narrator] 1 1/2 million years ago, these were the world’s top land predators. This was the age of the sabertooths. But things were changing. New forces threatened the old order, with skills the planet had never seen before. The big cats. Why them? What’s their story? In this episode, we go back to when […]

Age of Big Cats: World Domination (Episode 2)

– [Narrator] Africa. For millions of years, the sabertooths and hyenas had been the world’s top land predators. But new forces threaten the old order with skills the planet had never seen before. The big cats. Why them? Which unique adaptations gave the big cats the edge in this battle for survival? We go back […]

Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

This is the first time they’ve seen water. It’s natural to be nervous, but these kittens are born water babies. It’s time to show them the real reason they’ve been brought here. Long whiskers detect vibrations from fish moving in the shallows helping to gauge the exact striking distance. Then it’s the kitten’s turn. For […]

Chimp Adopts Adorable Genet Kitten

One of the older chimps is playing with a tiny kitten! It’s the offspring of a genet cat found abandoned in the forest. He treats it gently, mindful not to hurt it. Even a nip is tolerated. The way he responds to the genet is quite remarkable. Other chimps are intrigued. And one shows an […]

Meet the Deadliest Cat on the Planet

This little female is known to researchers as Gyra. She’s tiny, weighing a mere two pounds – 200 times less than a lion. She’d be almost impossible to find, but she’s being tracked with a radio collar. And using surveillance cameras that rival a cat’s night-vision, we can, at last, reveal her nocturnal pursuits. She […]