Cute Puppies’ Mom Is A Cat ?! | Kritter Klub

Mommy! A tumultuos welcome What are you guys doing? Drinking milk from the cat It’s a mess Family: They came here being weaned. But the puppies have been doing that since last week. Lies down and drinks milk delicious fall down Run away cute Mommy we want milk too~ Oh god.. I’m so exhausted confused […]

Lazy Mother Cat Neglects Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

One Two 10 kittens Meow, the mother of 3 kittens Bell, the mother of 7 kittens Owner: Bell goes out frequently so Meow raises all the kittens herself Meow looks after the kittens all alone Bell is going out Enjoying the sunbath You’re going to have fun all by yourself? suckling go away crying Meow […]

Cat Adopts Abandoned Kittens LOL | Kritter Klub

A suspicious cat Come here, I’ll take you somewhere better~ Cat ‘Chab-ssal’ kidnapping a kitten It looks like she’s the mother cat LOL She keeps carrying around the kittens This is OUR home from now on Owner: She didn’t give birth to those kittens Whoever feeds me is my mama Owner: I know Chab-ssal would […]

A Dog Breastfeeding Little Kittens?? | Kritter Klub

Everyday Stray Cat Begs For Meat And Delivers Somewhere | Kritter Klub

At a pork belly restaurant Meow~ There’s a cat Restaurant owner: She’s a stray cat named “Shinja”. She comes here every day and cries for food But she goes inside without eating it Keeps going in and out Where is she going? Going to the hills behind the restaurant? There are kittens! Kittens eating the […]