Kids React Bonus – Funny Cat Videos

Awww Kitty *Laugh* He’s scratching the window boys cleaning the windows. oh he is cleaning the window (s) Oh Yeah, that’s his, that’s his future job Wax on, Wax off he’s like Lemme go inside! LEMME GO INSIDE!!! how many hour is this cat gonna do that for??? Dude, you’re not gonna get through cat, […]

WTF Cute Cat Bus Pencilcase Thingy

So what you’re saying is Cat bus…..Meow! [music] Ok so I’m really excited because I found today’s WTF at Home Plus when we were grocery shopping. [Home Plus Theme Song] Home Plus: you should pay us for that advertisement there It’s totally awesome. It looks like it’s some kind of… I think it’s a pencil […]

My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

Hi, I’m Anna Akana, and I have 4 cats, and I love to spoil them. I bought them these expensive felt things that they never use This intricate wall playground system that they sometimes sleep on but don’t really appreciate And for Christmas I decided to get them this Outdoor Space Bubble Cat backpack thing […]

Bill Burr Learned Why Gorillas Shouldn’t Have Pet Kittens | Netflix Is A Joke

– So this lady down at the zoo, this lady down at the zoo, she taught this gorilla how to do sign language, okay? And I don’t just mean like hello and goodbye, like literally phrases, this thing could like talk about its emotions. They were actually conversing. The gorilla’s sitting there talking to her, […]

I scared the crap out of Melita | FRIGHTENED TIGER

(Whispers) Melita Oh, no! Crap. Melita, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise…I thought that Okay, I thought that you knew that I was there I mean you’re a tiger you should be able to hear me coming up. And like my shadow was like well within your peripherals I’m sorry! I’m sorry. (Chuffs in response) Hi! […]

Jason Derulo’s Penis Got Cut Out of “Cats” (feat. King Bach) – Lights Out with David Spade

Well, King Bach is here. He hasn’t been here. But is it, uh– It’s just “Bach,” I’m-I’m hearing. -Yeah, it’s just “Bach.” -Yeah. Because the “King”– I thought that royal family one -might throw you off a little bit. -Yeah. Mm-hmm. -You are from here. You’re… -It’s copywritten. -Okay, good. -Yeah. Uh, but, uh, Bach […]

How We Got our Scottish Fold Kitten in Korea

Fiquane3 asks Can you tell us the story how you came to find and own your new adorable kitten? For those of you who don’t know We’ve got a new kitten Dr.Meemersworth Dr.Meemersworth This is Dr.Meemersworth She’s a kitten, she’s full of energy She’s like “I’m a kitten” She is like everywhere She’s coming to […]

Doja Cat – Streets (Lyrics)

Like you, like you Like you, ooh, I found it hard to find someone like you Like you, like you Send your location, come through I can’t sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can’t be without you Why can’t I find no one like you? I can’t sleep no more In […]

Doja Cat “Juicy” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I like butts and I think about butts and I felt like making a butt song. Because I made a booby song, so I was like, “All right, let me just make a butt song.” Sometimes I do songs pretty fast but this one was like, we knocked out both the verses in one day. […]